Best Betting Picks 2022 NFL Award Winners

Best Betting Picks 2022 NFL Award Winners

The NFL preseason is upon us and that means we’re only one month away from the real thing — the 2022 regular season. To get you prepared, we’re offering betting picks on 2022 NFL awards such as Most Valuable Player and Rookie of the Year. Making these player prop bets now will be worth a pretty penny when the NFL season wraps up in January!

2022 NFL MVP Pick

We all know the MVP is a quarterback’s award and so do the top-used online sportsbooks. That’s because all the betting favorites to be the 2022 NFL MVP are quarterbacks. Here are the odds of the top frontrunners:

Josh Allen+650+650
Patrick Mahomes+750+750
Tom Brady+800+800
Aaron Rodgers+850+850
Justin Herbert+900+900
Joe Burrow+1200+1200

We’re going to immediately rule out Aaron Rodgers. Only one other player has ever won three consecutive MVPs, a feat Rodgers is going for in 2022. Ironically, the feat was achieved only by a different Packers’ signal caller, Brett Favre. But without his best wide receiver, Devante Adams, we’re less optimistic ARod can threepeat.

Instead, our money is going on Josh Allen. Why? Because the NFL and MVP voters need a “new story.” Rodgers and Tom Brady are seemingly on the way out and a new elite quarterback has to become the face of the league — and our instinct tells us that’s going to be Allen. He’ll be commanding a Buffalo team that will contend for a Super Bowl and historically speaking, being the best player on the best team is an MVP-winning formula.

Another reason why we like Allen is because there’s few question marks around him. The core of players around him — Stefon Diggs, Devin Singletary, and others — have all played together for three years now. Unlike Patrick Mahomes who will have to adjust to life without Tyreek Hill, there’s much less unknowns with Allen heading into 2022.

But last of all, Allen can just flat-out play. Anyone who’s seen him throw knows the arm talent is through the roof. Only 26 years old and a part of the same offensive system his whole NFL career, there’s reason to believe he can still improve upon himself. If so, an MVP victory is very well within reach for Allen, hence our bet here.

Josh Allen to win the 2022 NFL MVP

NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year Pick

We think you’re going to be surprised by our NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year pick. But before we shock you, let’s take a look at the award’s current odds, as set by top-rated football betting sites:

Kenny Picket+550+550
Drake London+650+650
Treylon Burks+750+750
Garrett Wilson+850+850
Breece Hall+900+900
Christian Watson+900+900
Chris Olave+1000+1000
Kenneth Walker+1000+1000

We’re going out on a limb here and picking Chris Olave. The Ohio State product was picked 11th overall by the Saints and only has the seventh-best line for this bet. However, we’re convinced Olave is primed for a breakout season in year one.

That’s because his quarterback will be Jameis Winston. Say what you want about him, but there’s no denying Winston can rack up the stat sheet. He’s only two years removed from throwing 5,109 yards. Yes, he’s returning from an ACL tear, but we’re certain Winston will continue to air it out successfully (if you overlook his knack for turnovers). If so, Olave should be a massive beneficiary.

With 4.34 40-speed, Olave has game-breaking abilities. Give him the ball in open space and Olave can break a big one. Olave will have to share catching targets with aging receivers in Michael Thomas and Jarvis Landry, but we wouldn’t be shocked if the latter two miss time because of injuries again.

In the last few years, we’ve seen a number of first-year receivers become instant stars. Odell Beckham, Justin Jefferson, and Ja’marr Chase come to mind. Our money says Olave enters the same group. Unlike other rookie wide outs, Olave has a quarterback that can contribute to his rookie success.

Chris Olave to win the 2022 NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year

NFL Coach of the Year Pick

Alright, for our final awards pick, we wanted to give some love to the coaches. Which one will be named 2022 NFL Coach of the Year? Here’s the top candidates:

Brandon Staley (LAC)+1400+1400
Brian Daboll (NYG)+1400+1400
Josh McDaniels (LV)+1400+1400
Mike McDaniel (MIA)+1600+1600
Nathaniel Hackett (DEN)+1600+1600
Nick Sirianni (PHI)+1600+1600
Kyle Shanahan (SF)+1600+1600
Kevin O'Connell (MIN)+1600+1600

We’ll cut right to it: our betting pick is the Miami Dolphins’ Mike McDaniel. In his first-ever year at the helm of a franchise, he has the ability to turnaround the Dolphins (a team with one playoff appearance in 14 years). The bad-to-good narrative is always a strong one for this coaching award, and it could be the strongest in Miami.

The Dolphins went out and traded for Hill. He now joins Jaylen Waddle to form one of the fastest one-two receiving combos not just in the NFL, but in league history. Speed was also added to the running back position, an area where McDaniel excelled at while in San Francisco before. All this might just be what Tua Tagovailoa needs to revive his own NFL career — which is another narrative that can fuel McDaniel to victory in this category.

We’re of the belief Miami earns one of seven AFC playoff spots. That would be a bigger surprise than teams like the LA Chargers, Las Vegas, or Denver doing so. Again, that surprise element is what drives voters. All aboard the McDaneil-led bandwagon in South Beach!

Mike McDaniel to win the 2022 NFL Coach of the Year

How To Bet On NFL In 2022?

There’s no better place to bet on the NFL during the 2022 season than one of the listed bookmakers underneath. Between different lucrative bonus types and industry-leading NFL odds, any one of these sites will get you through the NFL year ahead.