No team on the outskirts of the NBA’s championship conversation is more of an intriguing betting play than the Boston Celtics. They are, in many ways, a walking contradiction. They play fast but field a top notch defense. They don’t employ a universally accepted superstar but are contending for a top three playoff seed in the Eastern Conference. These Celtics can, as a result, be a gambling staple for all your basketball betting needs. There are no limitations, aside from championship futures, to which you must adhere. [+]

This team is especially useful as an individual game play. There isn’t an opponent, including the Golden State Warriors, to whom they don’t stand up.

The Celtics’ offense can, admittedly, be a bit wonky. Betting the over on the over/under needs to be situational. Invest only in games during which they’ll face a flimsy defense.

Whenever there are large spreads stacked against them, that’s when you’ll want to jump. Unless they’re missing a key player or two, the Celtics aren’t a team that will be run off the floor on a regular basis.

Moneyline wagers are lucrative options for those games in which the Celtics aren’t favored, but you know they can win. Perhaps they’ve beaten an opponent, such as the Oklahoma City Thunder, before. Or maybe it’s the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Whatever the case, those large spreads that favor other teams are your friend. Even the Celtics’ conference futures are bettor friendly play.

True to form, you won’t want to invest in the Celtics like they’re favorites. But they sport an above-average offense and defense and play at insane speeds. That’s a recipe for postseason success, and it’s certainly worth your attention.


Who Do The Boston Celtics Play Next

Below you’ll find out who the Celtics are slated to play next. Check this out to see what kind of odds they’re getting on moneylines, spreads, overs and unders.

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Boston Celtics Game Schedule

Take a look at the Celtics’ schedule. It’s extremely helpful for the savvy bettor who wishes to plan ahead and use past information to make an educated decision about the future. [+]

Game moneylines, spreads, overs and unders won’t be available too far in advance, but you can still use this tool to identify which of their opponents make for good betting ventures. 

Doing even that much—which, in reality, isn’t much at all—will simplify your thought and betting process once the actual lines become available on game night.

Get in the habit of also looking back to see how the Celtics have fared against forthcoming opponents that they’ve already played. This gives you a feel for their strengths and weaknesses.

If you keep track of previous moneylines, spreads, overs and unders, you’ll be able to see how the Celtics hold up against certain numbers in every imaginable situation.

You can then leverage that knowledge against your bets, increasing the likelihood that you leave your sportsbook a winner.

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Boston Celtics Standings Today

Betting on any Eastern Conference team demands you monitor the standings like a hawk. The Celtics are no expectation, since they, just like every squad not named the Cavaliers or Toronto Raptors, are jostling for postseason seeding. [+]

These playoff seeds are not to be underestimated. They determine who the Celtics will play in the first round, which in turns plays a role in who they would face during later rounds, should they get that far.

Having a Celtics playoff bracket blueprint, even if it’s a fluid one you update frequently, will help prepare you for the postseason betting grind.

Winning a playoff series is, after all, all about matchups. So studying Boston’s possible opponents can only end up being a great thing in the long run.


StandingsBoston Celtics

How To Make Money Betting On Boston Celtics

Given all you now know, you should also know there is no limit to how you can win money betting on the Celtics. This comes with the disclaimer that they are not a championship team. But they are on the radar of every other betting department from moneylines and spreads, to the over/under on win totals and conference futures.

Funneling money into the Celtics' Eastern Conference odds, as well as the over on their win total futures, will become a must-play if team president Danny Ainge parlays offseason aggression into substantial roster upgrades. The Celtics have a ton of draft picks, prospects and high impact players on digestible contracts, perfectly positioning them to pull off a blockbuster trade or two that nets them a star in return. With the salary cap set to explode, they also figure to be a hot free agent destination among players.

Boston isn't, historically, the most desirable locale. But the Celtics are already on the fringes of the championship conversation and needn't pillage their roster of key contributors just to make any upgrades. If you're a big time free agent who wants to win, both now and in the future, you should most definitely be considering the Celtics. 

With that in mind, if the Celtics add a couple of transcendent players to their already impressive core, you'll have an opportunity to get out in front of the sportsbooks and general population. Throw some money on them to win the Atlantic Division and the Eastern Conference. Lay down money on win total overs as soon as huge transactions take place, before sportsbooks have ample time to adjust their odds. 

In the event the Celtics poach Kevin Durant from the Oklahoma City Thunder or add a ton—as in more than two of these types—of franchise changing talent over the summer, you have the green light to travel the championship route as well. It won't be the safest of wagers, since the San Antonio Spurs and Golden State Warriors still exist. But the key to making money on the Celtics lies in keeping up with their rapid development. They are going to be even better next season, and for many seasons to come, and the type of bets you're placing should reflect as much—preferably before the sportsbooks and odds-makers totally catch on to Boston's inevitable success.