The more things change, the more they seem to stay the same for the Cleveland Browns. After their most woeful season in 2016, even worse than 1999, when the reinvented Browns went 2-14, the Browns are seemingly perpetually in a state of rebuild. They will be better in the coming seasons, partly because they almost have to be. But they won’t be good enough to contend for a playoff spot for quite some time. Poor Browns fans. If it’s any consolation, divison rivals, the Ravens and Bengals, are regressing.

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The first step to formulate a solid betting strategy is to make sure you know everything about the Browns next encounter, especially the game odds, both of which can be seen below. 

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The Cleveland Browns schedule is available below. Use it to find future betting gems while formulating the crux of your betting strategy. 

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All the information you will require regarding the standings of the Cleveland Browns in both the AFC North and the overall conference picture is available right below for your perusal.


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How To Make Money Betting On Cleveland Browns

Originally born in 1946, the Browns went through their entire AAFC and NFL existence without suffering double digits in losses. Cleveland didn't deal with a 10-loss season until moving into the AFC following the 1970 AFL-NFL merger, going 4-10 in the AFC Central in 1974.

Between 1946-95, the original Cleveland Browns endured just seven seasons of 10 or more losses.

Considering their recent history, you might logically assume that the best method for making money betting on the Cleveland Browns would be to simply place a wager on Cleveland's opponent each week. And that would be a correct assertion for the 2016 season. 

But they will be better going forward, albeit only slightly. You'll have to wait a few seasons before Cleveland can finally pick themselves out of the doldrums with which they're entrenched.