The Chicago Bears have a rich and storied history. They are, however, struggling to find consistency and are the least favored team in the NFC North. While competitive and a strong home team, the Bears don’t currently have the pedigree to challenge Green Bay – and maybe Detroit – at the top of an extremely competitive division. Improvement is in the works in Chicago but it will still be a few years before they can return to the Promise Land. 

How many titles have the bears won?

The Chicago Bears don’t have a long history of performing at the Super Bowl, but they have won eight NFL Championships so far in their history. As well as those titles, the Chicago Bears have won one Super Bowl title, which was claimed back in 1986. They are a team that is improving all the time, with lots ahead of them in the near future.

Who Does Chicago Bears Play Next

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Chicago Bears Game Schedule

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How To Make Money Betting On Chicago Bears

The Bears are a week-to-week pick and nothing else. Don't put your faith in them on the futures market until the current status markedly changes. Find value in weekly picks and there is still opportunity to find worthwhile Bears' wagers. 

Prior to making your wagers, make sure to check out the table below to find the best fit and range for your bet.