England are the founders of football and one of the most fascinating and thrilling teams to watch…and not always because they win. As a country, England have flattered to deceive more than they have succeeded in tournaments, with only a solitary World Cup win to their name. They have never won a European Championship, with their semifinal appearance at Italia ’90 the furthest they have gone since 1966. Can they break their duck in the European Championships at Euro 2016?  [+]

England’s history may be punctuated with disaster, but they have also enjoyed some memorable victories. Their victory in 1966 was the greatest, when players such as Jack and Bobby Charlton, Nobby Stiles, captain Bobby Moore and goal-scoring hero Geoff Hurst helped England to an incredible 4-2 win against West Germany in the World Cup Final, the trophy being presented to Bobby Moore by Queen Elizabeth after the final whistle. Since that victory, however, things have not gone so well. 

Failure to reach consecutive World Cups in the 1970’s and in 1994 are probably the lowest ebbs of England’s International soccer history, but the highlights would definitely include the 1990 World Cup. Under the tutelage of Sir Bobby Robson, England reached the semifinal, triumphing over Belgium and Cameroon in thrilling encounters along the way. The semi-final pitched England against rivals West Germany. A deflected opener from a free-kick put West Germany ahead, but a Gary Lineker equalizer sent the match into extra-time and eventually a penalty shoot-out. England’s hopes died, as misses in the shoot-out from Stuart Pearce and Chris Waddle led to West Germany progressing to the final, where they defeated an Argentina side led by Diego Maradona.

In Euro ’96, England once again returned to form on home soil, with a devastating, fluid attack managed by Terry Venables and led by Paul Gascoigne, Alan Shearer and Teddy Sheringham. England thrashed Holland 4-1 and advanced to a semifinal re-match with a now-unified Germany. Again, England looked like they might have done enough to earn the win, but Paul Gascoigne missed a chance by the length of his studs and it was penalties again. Gareth Southgate was the only man to miss, and England were again defeated on spot-kicks. 

Since Euro ’96, “30 years of hurt” has turned into 50. England have failed to advance past the quarterfinal since their heyday of the early-mid 1990’s. Foreign managers Sven Goran-Eriksson and Fabio Capello’s tenures were underwhelming.

Now England are once again managed by an Englishman in former West Brom, Inter Milan and Liverpool boss Roy Hodgson. And with stars like Wayne Rooney, Harry Kane and Jamie Vardy all ready to fire, England will be desperate to prove their pedigree at Euro 2016.

Who Does England National Team Play Next

England next game will help you evaluate Roy Hodgson’s squad for the forthcoming schedule. Can they utilize their attacking prowess while keeping the defense tight?  

Euro Championship - Group C - 2
Thursday, Jun 20, 202412:00 PM
Euro Championship - Group C - 3
Tuesday, Jun 25, 202403:00 PM
UEFA Nations League - League B - 1
Saturday, Sep 07, 202412:00 PM
England@Rep. Of Ireland
Last update on Jun 23, 2024 10:45 PM

England National Team Game Schedule

England’s next game can be viewed below. Be sure to check the latest odds to get the best value on whether England’s stars will falter or shine bright. 

⚽ World Cup2022
SeasonStatusAwayAway ScoreHome ScoreHome
2022Group Stage - 1Nov 21 - 11:00FTNetherlands20Senegal
2022Group Stage - 1Nov 21 - 08:00FTIran26England
2022Group Stage - 1Nov 20 - 11:00FTEcuador20Qatar
2022Group Stage - 1Nov 22 - 05:00FTSaudi Arabia21Argentina
2022Group Stage - 1Nov 22 - 08:00FTTunisia00Denmark
2022Group Stage - 1Nov 22 - 11:00FTPoland00Mexico
2022Group Stage - 1Nov 23 - 05:00FTCroatia00Morocco
2022Group Stage - 1Nov 23 - 08:00FTJapan21Germany
2022Group Stage - 1Nov 23 - 14:00FTCanada01Belgium
2022Group Stage - 1Nov 24 - 05:00FTCameroon01Switzerland
2022Group Stage - 1Nov 24 - 08:00FTSouth Korea00Uruguay
2022Group Stage - 1Nov 24 - 11:00FTGhana23Portugal
2022Group Stage - 1Nov 24 - 14:00FTSerbia02Brazil
2022Group Stage - 2Nov 25 - 08:00FTSenegal31Qatar
2022Group Stage - 2Nov 25 - 11:00FTEcuador11Netherlands
2022Group Stage - 2Nov 25 - 14:00FTUSA00England
2022Group Stage - 2Nov 26 - 08:00FTSaudi Arabia02Poland
2022Group Stage - 2Nov 26 - 11:00FTDenmark12France
2022Group Stage - 2Nov 26 - 14:00FTMexico02Argentina
2022Group Stage - 2Nov 27 - 08:00FTMorocco20Belgium
2022Group Stage - 2Nov 27 - 11:00FTCanada14Croatia
2022Group Stage - 2Nov 27 - 14:00FTGermany11Spain
2022Group Stage - 2Nov 28 - 05:00FTSerbia33Cameroon
2022Group Stage - 2Nov 28 - 08:00FTGhana32South Korea
2022Group Stage - 2Nov 28 - 11:00FTSwitzerland01Brazil
2022Group Stage - 2Nov 28 - 14:00FTUruguay02Portugal
2022Group Stage - 3Nov 29 - 10:00FTQatar02Netherlands
2022Group Stage - 3Nov 29 - 10:00FTSenegal21Ecuador
2022Group Stage - 3Nov 29 - 14:00FTUSA10Iran
2022Group Stage - 3Nov 30 - 10:00FTFrance01Tunisia
2022Group Stage - 3Nov 30 - 14:00FTArgentina20Poland
2022Group Stage - 3Nov 30 - 14:00FTMexico21Saudi Arabia
2022Group Stage - 3Dec 01 - 10:00FTBelgium00Croatia
2022Group Stage - 3Dec 01 - 10:00FTMorocco21Canada
2022Group Stage - 3Dec 01 - 14:00FTSpain12Japan
2022Group Stage - 3Dec 02 - 10:00FTPortugal12South Korea
2022Group Stage - 3Dec 02 - 10:00FTUruguay20Ghana
2022Group Stage - 3Dec 02 - 14:00FTBrazil01Cameroon
2022Group Stage - 3Dec 02 - 14:00FTSwitzerland32Serbia
2022Group Stage - 1Nov 21 - 14:00FTWales11USA
2022Group Stage - 2Nov 25 - 05:00FTIran20Wales
2022Group Stage - 3Nov 29 - 14:00FTEngland30Wales
2022Group Stage - 1Nov 22 - 14:00FTAustralia14France
2022Group Stage - 1Nov 23 - 11:00FTCosta Rica07Spain
2022Group Stage - 2Nov 26 - 05:00FTAustralia10Tunisia
2022Group Stage - 2Nov 27 - 05:00FTCosta Rica10Japan
2022Group Stage - 3Nov 30 - 10:00FTDenmark01Australia
2022Group Stage - 3Dec 01 - 14:00FTGermany42Costa Rica
2022Round of 16Dec 03 - 10:00FTUSA13Netherlands
2022Round of 16Dec 04 - 14:00FTSenegal03England
2022Round of 16Dec 03 - 14:00FTAustralia12Argentina
2022Round of 16Dec 04 - 10:00FTPoland13France
2022Round of 16Dec 05 - 10:00PENCroatia1 (3)1 (1)Japan
2022Round of 16Dec 06 - 10:00PENSpain0 (0)0 (3)Morocco
2022Round of 16Dec 05 - 14:00FTSouth Korea14Brazil
2022Round of 16Dec 06 - 14:00FTSwitzerland16Portugal
2022Quarter-finalsDec 09 - 14:00PENArgentina2 (4)2 (3)Netherlands
2022Quarter-finalsDec 10 - 14:00FTFrance21England
2022Quarter-finalsDec 09 - 10:00PENBrazil1 (2)1 (4)Croatia
2022Quarter-finalsDec 10 - 10:00FTPortugal01Morocco
2022Semi-finalsDec 13 - 14:00FTCroatia03Argentina
2022Semi-finalsDec 14 - 14:00FTMorocco02France
20223rd Place FinalDec 17 - 10:00FTMorocco12Croatia
2022FinalDec 18 - 10:00PENFrance3 (2)3 (4)Argentina
Last update on Jun 23, 2024 11:15 PM

England National Team Standings Today

Want to know where England currently sit in their Euro 2016 group? Check out the full standings right here and use them to analyse the worth of your next potential bet. 

⚽ World Cup2022
Group A
Group B
Group C
4Saudi Arabia3310235-2LLW
Group D
Group E
4Costa Rica33102311-8LWL
Group F
Group G
Group H
2South Korea43111440WLD
Last update on Jun 23, 2024 11:15 PM

How To Make Money Betting On England

England are +800 to win the European Championships, which could look appealing to those of you who have been thrilled by Jamie Vardy and Harry Kane all season.

The raw facts are that no matter how impressive England were in qualifying for Euro 2016 (they won all ten relatively easy fixtures in their group), they are a really poor tournament team.

Often out thought tactically and at times hilariously fragile under the spotlight of global attention, England have become a symbol of underachievement in recent years.

Players such as David Beckham, Paul Scholes, Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard have all struggled to get to the latter stages of any tournament.

Most of England's international success - World Cup 1966 and Euro 1996 - has come on home soil, which doesn't bode well for the Three Lions. 

Although they have disappointed in the past, there are still some great moments in their football history, as you can see here:

The current breed of speedy youngsters, couple with a convincing qualification campaign could give fans the cruelest thing in football – false hope.

In players such as Dele Alli, the aforementioned Vardy and Kane, as well as bright stars of the future such as Eric Dier and Raheem Sterling, England have players who can harm any opposition. The problem fans will have is that manager Roy Hodgson is a notoriously pessimistic tactician who constantly relies on the waning talents of players such as Wayne Rooney, James Milner and Gary Cahill.

England should escape a group that looks comparatively easy (-1000), but Russia and Wales will provide tests despite hardly being world-beating teams of international repute. We think England will win their group so if you're going to wager on England at Euro 2016, make it a group winners bet. Unfortunately, the odds for such a bet won't return much unless you put a chunk of cash down or use it as part of a bigger parlay.