The Republic of Ireland are one of football’s naturally entertaining stories, with in-fights, excitement and drama at every turn. They’re a football ‘family’ in a sense, but will they be arguing or celebrating come Euro 2016? Based at the Aviva Stadium in Dublin for home games, the current crop of Irish heroes are led by former Aston Villa and Leicester City manager, Martin O’Neill and Roy Keane. They qualified for Euro 2016 via a stunning play-off win over Bosnia-Herzegovina.   [+]

In 1994, Jack Charlton, former World Cup winner with England in 1966, led the Irish team as manager. In their first game, Ray Houghton scored the only goal of the game as they overcame Italy in the stifling heat of the Giants Stadium. Revenge for 1990 was sweet, but Ireland lost to Mexico in an even hotter atmosphere in Orlando Bowl in Florida. They made the secodn round after tying 0-0 with Norway in their final group game, but went down 2-0 to Holland in the knockout stage. 

In the 2002 World Cup, midfield talisman and country captain Roy Keane famously had a row with manager Mick McCarthy over the state of the training facilities in Saipan. The Irish got through their group after tying with both Cameroon and Germany and beating Saudia Arabia in their final game. But in the knockout stage, they lost on penalties to Spain. That precipitated a decline in Ireland’s fortunes and they did not make a finals until Euro 2016 thanks in no small part to an outrageous handball by French striker Thierry Henry in the 2010 World Cup qualification playoff. 

Now, however, they are back. The big green Irish army as it i known is marching on France. With Belgium, Italy and Sweden for company in their group, they don’t have it easy.

Who Does Republic of Ireland National Team Play Next

The Republic of Ireland have reached their first major finals since 2002, so check out the value on what could be a surprise team for many unprepared nations. 

Republic of Ireland National Team Game Schedule

The Republic of Ireland’s next games are likely to be crucial in defining their current status. Are Martin O’Neill’s men lucky to be at Euro 2016, or could they shock the football world? 

Republic of Ireland National Team Standings Today

Whether it’s for qualification to the next World Cup or European Cup, or Euro 2016 itself, check out where Ireland sit in the standings and you’ll know what they have to do to progress. 

How To Make Money Betting On Republic of Ireland National Team

The Republic of Ireland qualified for Euro 2016 via the playoffs, but if that makes you think they may be making up the numbers, think again.

They performed well in a very tough qualification group that included Poland and current World Champions Germany.

It was only thanks to a late Polish rally in the final group game that Ireland missed out on automatic qualification.

They won convincingly against Bosnia-Herzegovina in the playoff aggregate.

The Republic of Ireland have a chance of making it out of Group E and are long odds to do so at +1100, but we prefer backing them in their clashes with Sweden or Belgium.

Italy set up fairly similarly to Ireland and have better players in those crucial positions through the spine of the team, but Ireland may well sneak a 1-0 victory against either of their other opponents, which will return great value.

Republic Of Ireland sits at +10,000 for the most unlikely of European Championship victories. It could be worth a bet now, while the odds are so long. The long odds are there for a reason, but one never knows when it comes to soccer. 

Check out the incredible story of Ireland's 1990 World Cup for inspiration when it comes to their football achievements: 

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