The Western Conference is home to perennial favorites Dallas FC, LA Galaxy, Portland Timbers and, more recently, Seattle Sounders and Colorado Rapids. The Western Conference has utterly dominated proceedings, winning six of the last 8 MLS Cups. Sporting Kansas City, who are now once again part of the Western Conference, were the only Eastern Conference Cup champions since 2009. The main reason for their continued success barrels down to Western Conference team’s ability to play strong, structured defensive systems. 


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Take a look at the betting lines for upcoming Western Conference mataches. Take note of the various betting opportunities at your disposal and delve further into the analytics to improve your chances. 

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Reference regularly the Western Conference schedule. Take stock of which teams are battling for conference supremacy and which ones are battling for their playoff lives. 


How To Make Money On MLS Western Conference 

There are many things to take into consideration when planning a strong Western Conference betting stratetgy. Firstly, make sure you, when backing away teams, that you do so with extreme caution. Teams in the west have to travel vast distances to play away games. In England, due to cities close proximity to one another, teams make short trips when playing on the road. 

That is not the case in North America. Seattle have to travel to LA, Houston and Colorado, making the task at hand all the more difficult. There are other factors involved, but teams definitely suffer from their respective grueling schedules. In 2016, no Western Conference team won more than five away games. Dallas had the best away record, gaining 20 from a possible 51 points. Not exactly a spectacular return. 

It just shows how subpar Western Conference teams perform on the road. 

On average, Western Conference teams are much more proficient defensive units than their Eastern Conference counterparts. Portland Timbers, the worst Western Conference defense, had the fourth best record of Eastern Conference teams.

Portland allowed 53 goals in 34 matches. In the Eastern Conference, six teams conceded more than 53 goals, showing just how inferior their defenses are. Contrasingly, Western Conference teams don't score as many goals on average. But that's to be expected when you organize your team with a defense-first mentality.

LA Galaxy had the most potent Western Conferene offense in 2016, scoring 54 goals. That would have been good enough for the fourth best offense in the Eastern Conference. 

Look toward the unders market when betting on Western Conference games. But don't blindly bet under. Make sure you delve deeper into the analytical ocean for more educated bets. A good defense is the foundation for championship-caliber teams, which is exactly why the Western Conference has been so dominant over the years when it matters most.