The New York Red Bulls franchise is probably the best-known Eastern Conference team, yet they are often seen as the biggest underachievers as they are yet to get their hands on the coveted MLS Cup. They did, however, win the Supporters’ Shield in 2015 and are on the verge of something great. The Red Bulls are seemingly perennial favorites to win the MLS Cup, so it should be just a matter of time before they reign supreme. DC United have won the Eastern Conference six times, while both Sporting Kansas City and Columbus Crew SC have topped the standings twice in the past eight years. 

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You should always be looking for maximum value whenever you bet on any sports, and the MLS is no different. Check out the latest betting odds before you place a wager.


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Take a look at the Eastern Conference standings on a regular basis to find the best future bets. You may not have the odds at your disposal for future games but researching for future opportunities is always a beneficial endeavor.  


How To Make Money On MLS Eastern Conference

With New York Red Bulls, DC United and New York City FC are some of the bigges favorites to lift MLS crown on a season to season basis.

The Red Bulls have been touted to win the MLS Cup for a few years now and it's bound to happen at some point. They need to imporve their away form significantly to win the MLS Cup, though. Winning only three of 17 away fixtures just isn't good enough to be the cream of the crop. It's more the kind of form you'd expect from a bottom feeder than a bonafide MLS Cup contender. 

They are, however, almost guranteed to win when they play at home, but the potential returns will reflect their favorite status. You're best to add them as part of a parlay to make the wager worth your while. 

The East is by far the more high-scoring conference in the MLS. Teams play a run-and-gun style rarely seen in soccer these days, which makes for entertaining goal fests. The over market is your friend when two Eastern Conference teams play one another. 

Eastern Conference teams haven't fared well in finals of late. Maybe it's down to their inability to defend, but a lot also depends on which teams gets the prvilege of hosting the MLS Cup. The home team has won four of the last six finals, all of which have hailed from the Western Conference.

The Eastern Conference lays claim to two of the best road teams in the league, New York City FC and Toronto FC. Both teams won as many as they lost on the road in 2016. No other teams in the MLS achieved that feat. It shows how much better teams perform at home in the MLS. If Toronto or NYCFC have a road game, dig deeper into the analytics to find out if it's worth a punt.