The Philadelphia Union have been a part of the MLS since 2010 but have never won the MLS Cup. They finished as runners-up in the US Open in 2014 and 2015. The Union made it as far as the conference semi-finals in 2011 but have never really threatened to win the MLS Cup. In 2016, Philadelphia qualified for the playoffs by the skin of their teeth, pipping New England Revolution by a tiebreaker. They didn’t make the most of qualifying for the postseason and were beat handily in the first round away to Toronto.


Who Do The Philadelphia Union Play Next

Have a look at who the Union play in their next game, analyze the betting lines and make sure to check how they fare historically against their upcoming opponents. 

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Eastern Conference Standings

The Union are consistently expected to fight for playoff qualification. Whether they are sitting on the outside looking in all depends on their away form. 

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Philadelphia Union Standings Today

Have a look at where the Philadelphia Union sit in the league standings to see if they’re playoff bound or not. Referencing the standings will also add valuable insight for prospective bets.


How To Make Money On Philadelphia Union

Since joining the MLS in 2010, the Union have been an average, middle-of-the-road sort of team. They are not a good future bet and shouldn't even be considered for such a wager. The best you can currently expect of this team is a berth in the postseason. 

With a little luck and a run of good form, Philadelphia has the potential of winning a playoff game or two, but that's about it. 

Union are historically terrible on the road. They won three of 17 away matches in 2016, gaining 14 points from a possible 51 points. They were fortunate, with that kind of away record, to squeeze into the plaoffs. A good home record buoyed their playoff chances. Philadelphia won eight of 17 games at home in 2016, a pretty decent return for any most club's standards. 

Continuing with their middle-of-the-road status, Philadelphia's defense and offense folow that theme. They scored 52 goals and conceded 55. It's not easy to discern whether over or under bets are preferable when provided with only those stats. 

You'll have to dig further into the head-to-head matchups to gain a better valuaton of where you stand on that accord. Analyse recent form and make sure you don't back this team on the road. They need to substantially improve their away form before backing them on their travels.