Argentina vs. France Betting Tips & Picks

Argentina vs. France Betting Tips & Picks

Don’t even think about betting the World Cup Final showdown between Argentina and France until you read this article. We’re breaking down the highly anticipated match and then offering three free betting picks for you to make! Stick with us if you want to win money come Sunday, December 18.

Argentina vs. France Preview

This is a deserving matchup in the World Cup Final. No fluke outcome because the two best teams of the tournament are facing off after multi-goal wins in the semi-finals. Officially, they are ranked No. 3 (Argentina) and No. 4 (France). In the FIFA World rankings. Each is led by a Golden Boot candidate, who just so happen to be club teammates at PSG. Let’s start our Argentina vs. France preview right there actually.

Look, it’s not fair to say this game is Leo Messi vs. Kylian Mbappe. There’s simply too much world-class talent on both sides to simplify the game like that. But we’d also be foolish to not consider one of ‘em can be the ultimate difference-maker. Hell, that’s been the case this whole tournament. Messi has five goals and three assists so far. Manpower has the same amount of goals but one fewer assist. Never before have club teammates finished No. 1 and No. 2 in the World Cup's Golden Boot race as it is right now.

Only 23 years old, Mbappe could be the youngest player to add a second World Cup trophy. He, along with Antoine Griezmann, has carried a Les Bleus attack that’s been ravaged by injuries. Stars like Paul Pogba, N'Golo Kante, and reigning Balon d'Or winner Karim Benzema all missed the tourney with injuries.

Messi, on the other hand, is in Year 35. This is likely his last chance at adding the only award that’s eluded his legendary career. A World Cup victory and his case for G.O.A.T. is solidified next to fellow Argentine Maradona and Pele (sorry, Cristiano). His leadership has lifted a very young Argentina team to the cusp of the country’s first world championship since 1986.

Argentina vs. France Betting Picks

The best World Cup sportsbooks are offering a litany of bets on Argentina vs. France. The prop market is especially heavy. We’ve scoured through every single bet and settled on the three below to throw money on:

Over/Under 2 goals

Despite the top-four Golden Boot candidates being in this game (Julian Alvarez and Olivier Giroud are also in the mix), oddsmakers have pegged the over/under at a very modest two goals. However, the over does have the favored betting line:

Over 2 goals-125-125
Under 2 goals+105+105

Argentina’s defense has flown under the radar, but sans Morocco, one could argue it’s been the most impressive of the entire tournament. Amazingly, the Argentines have kept all six of its opponents to two shots on goal or less in each matchup. Heck, in the prior round vs. Croatia, Argentina set a new record for the biggest World Cup semi-final victory while keeping a clean sheet. Give its defense credit because it's as big of a reason why Argentina is here as Messi himself.

Admittedly, France's defense has not been as staunch. It kept a clean sheet for the first time this tournament last time out. But even then, Morocco pressed them both halves. They had numerous scoring opportunities but couldn’t finish. France might not be so lucky against Argentina, which is loaded with finishers up front.

Our money says this goes over. Having the betting line at two goals is protection in a way. At the very least, a push is very likely. We just can’t see this game being 0-0 or 1-0 — not with how much offensive firepower there will be on the field. So take the over here.

Over 2 goals scored in Argentina vs. France at World Cup 2022 Final

3-Way Moneyline

This is a pure toss-up. Seriously, just look at the odds. All three betting options are nearly identical odds-wise:


If Kante was healthy and playing for France, we’d bet on them to win. The midfielder is crucial to the reigning champions' success on defense. Without him, France is constantly being peppered by opposing attacks. Before Morocco last round, it was England attacking France relentlessly the round before.

We suspect Argentina will have similar chances. The difference between them and France’s previous foes? They’ll actually be able to finish and score. We’re betting that Argentina and Messi achieve their long-awaited destiny here.

Argentina to beat France in regulation at World Cup 2022 Final

Prop Bet: Correct Score

Alright, this is an absolute bonkers bet — hence the long betting odds all around. Just look at all the different betting options you have at your disposal:

Argentina 1-0+700+700
Argentina 2-0+1200+1200
Argentina 2-1+1100+1100
Argentina 3-0+3300+3300
Argentina 3-1+2800+2800
Argentina 3-2+4000+4000
Argentina 4-0+6600+6600
France 1-0+700+700
France 2-0+1200+1200
France 2-1+1100+1100
France 3-0+3300+3300
France 3-1+2800+2800
France 3-2+4000+4000
France 4-0+6600+6600
Draw 0-0+600+600
Draw 1-1+500+500
Draw 2-2+1800+1800
Draw 3-3+6600+6600

We've predicted an over and an Argentina win so that narrows down our betting options considerably. Our final prediction is a 2-1 win for the Argentines. We expect a see-saw battle between two world elites, but one that doesn't need extra time to be settled.

Argentina 2-1 score vs. France at World Cup 2022 Final

How To Bet On 2022 World Cup

The 2022 World Cup final is must bet. We mean, you won’t get another chance at this for another three and a half years. Plus, we gave you three “money” picks.

If you’re not sure where to park your money, reference the table below. We’ve listed the “best of the best” sportsbooks to use. The table also includes updated sportsbook reviews and sign-up bonus details. Consider each when deciding where to bet at. Just be sure to make this decision before Sunday’s match. Times-a-wasting!