The greatest tournament in sport is surely the soccer World Cup, with more global viewers even than the Olympics. Originated in 1930 by the then FIFA President Jules Rimet, the tournament takes place every four years and to date there have been twenty World Cups, with Brazil the most successful country, having won the fabled competition five times. Italy and Germany (including under the former guise of West Germany) have won the trophy four times.

From the original tournament where just 13 teams did battle, every four years now sees 32 teams gather in the country of choice, though this is set to change in 2026. In this year, the World Cup will host 48 teams across three countries. These are two firsts for the tournament. [+]

Each World Cup consists of a group stage and knockout phase, with eight groups of four teams, the top two in each group progressing to the knockout phase. From then on, it’s a cup competition, with drama, thrills, extra-time and often penalty shoot-outs deciding the fate of each country in what is largely recognized as the greatest sporting spectacle on Earth.

This World Cup in Qatar will be very different from years past, making predicting the winner even harder than in other years. It is the first in the Middle East and the first to be held towards the end of the year. Read on to learn how to bet on this exciting World Cup!


Best World Cup Sportsbook Odds

Who’ll win the 2022 World Cup? Brazil, France, Italy, and England are the favorites this year. Have a look at the latest odds. Will perennial underachievers England or fancied outsiders such as Belgium manage to win a rare World Cup?

With round one over, it’s time to look to the second group game the best teams start to look to achieve early qualification. The odds were last updated on November 25, 2022:

Event [+]
Brazil +400
England +700
France +600
Spain +800
Argentina +700
Germany +1000
Portugal +1200
Netherlands +1200
Results / FixturesWorld Cup

What Are The World Cup Standings Today

Look at the group standings for the World Cup and make your bets accordingly. You’ll be able to diagnose whether a futures bet is in the cards or if you’re better off sticking to a one-off.

StandingsWorld Cup

How To Make Money Betting On The World Cup

There is many ways to make money betting on the world's most-watched sporting event, the World Cup. Sports bettors love tryint their luck with futures bets for this type of event as it adds excitement to the tournament and these types of bets usually offer good payouts.

Prop bets are becoming increasingly popular for international soccer tournaments. There is no shortage of potential props to keep you entertained and it's a great way to make money quickly and efficiently. Betting on the top goal scorer of the tournament is another bet that is on the radar of most World Cup bettors.

Keep an eye on individual game odds and check them frequently as they'll fluctuate as game time approaches. Make sure you jump on the odds when they favor your potential bets so you're payout is higher.