Put Money On These 2 Drivers At 2023 F1 Azerbaijani Grand Prix

Put Money On These 2 Drivers At 2023 F1 Azerbaijani Grand Prix

We’re in the middle of a mini-break in F1. There’s a four-week period between the previous event, the Australian GP, and the next one, the Azerbaijani Grand Prix (on April 30). While we wait for the sport’s return, we’re going to analyze the field for betting. There are two drivers who were eyeing bets for at the Azerbaijani GP, and we’re giving them to you for free if you keep on reading.

First things first though, let’s take a hard look at the Azerbaijani GP betting odds. Zero surprise here, Max Verstappen is a commanding favorite over the rest of the field — yes, we used the word commanding which is appropriate. Just take a look at the difference between Verstappen and the next-closest driver at F1's most-used betting sites:

Max Verstappen-280-280-280
Sergio Perez+380+380+380
Fernando Alonso+1200+1200+1200
Lewis Hamilton+1600+1600+1600
Charles Leclerc+2200+2200+2200
George Russell+2500+2500+2500

Azerbaijani Grand Prix Preview

In only a few short years of being in the circuit (year one was 2016), the Azerbaijani GP — mostly referred to as Baku — has become one of the most well-liked tracks among F1 enthusiasts right up there with Monaco. However, there will be some big changes in 2023, which is where we’ll start our Azerbaijani Grand Prix preview with.

The actual Grand Prix is staying intact, but the days leading up to it will be different: Baku is famous for its sprint race beforehand. That’s still happening, but it’s likely getting its own qualifying race beforehand to determine the grid order. The change isn’t official quite yet, but it’s tracking to be.

A stand-alone qualifying event for the sprint race only makes the Baku weekend even more memorable. There’s just something about zigging and zagging through the streets of Baku that brings out the entertainment value. One moment, drivers are jetting through a wide-open road, the next they’re winding through twisty narrow streets with the city’s historical architecture front and center.

Red Bull has dominated this race each of the past two years. First, Sergio Perez won it in 2021 followed by Verstappen the year after. Though, for what it’s worth, the current lap record holder is Charles Leclerc, who set the mark of 1:43.009 back in 2019. Both Red Bull’s and Ferrari’s machines will be an advantage here again due to their fast models.

Best Bets To Win Azerbaijani Grand Prix

We’re going to be straight up and say we will not be betting on Verstappen to win the Azerbaijani Grand Prix. Not because we don’t think he can win, but his odds don’t warrant a wager. It’s a high-risk, low-reward bet and just not worth it. Instead, we’re putting money on these two under-the-radar plays that have much more potential to pay out:

Sergio Perez

Verstappen’s only challenger is his teammate. That speaks to just how far ahead Red Bull is of other manufacturers so far. This season, Perez has finished runner-up, first, and fifth (when he had to start back in the grid) so you know he’s podium potential. If Verstappen slips at all, Perez will most likely be there to pick up the slack. We’d take him with our priority bet, especially at these +380 odds.

Sergio Perez to win the 2023 Azerbaijani Grand Prix

Fernando Alonso

Alonso has been the surprise of the 2023 season up to this point. The two-time world champion is in the middle of a comeback story as he’s placed on the podium each of the past three races. He’s the only non-Red Bull driver that’s been in the mix at all times. Alonso has pondered retirement recently so this type of performance has turned heads. We say throw some money on him in case Red Bull has car issues. At these odds, you don’t need to put down a lot to turn a pretty profit anyway.

Fernando Alonso to win the 2023 Azerbaijani Grand Prix

How To Watch 2023 Azerbaijani Grand Prix?

Mark your calendars for April 30 when F1 returns from this mini-break. If you live in the United States, you’ll be able to watch the Azerbaijani Grand Prix on ESPN. The network will live air the event at 7 am EST.

For those that live on the west coast, that start time obviously isn’t optimal. But hey, that’s not uncommon with F1 due to the overseas races and time-zone differences between the locations.

How To Bet On 2023 Azerbaijani Grand Prix?

We only covered the race-winner bet of the Azerbaijani Grand Prix. But as we discussed above, there’s also a sprint race, which comes with its own betting opportunities. To get a complete list of Azerbaijani Grand Prix bets (and that includes race props) check out one of the bookmakers listed underneath. All five sites listed in the table rated highest in our latest online sportsbook reviews.

One last thing before you run off to bet: these same sites are offering hundreds to thousands of dollars in free play right now. That money comes in the form of highly lucrative sign-up bonuses. If you overage these deals, you could bet on F1 for free until the free play runs out (or the 30-day expiration window passes). See the below table for a list of the best bonuses available now.