Bet This "Woman" To Become 2023 Miss Universe

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The Miss Universe beauty pageant is upon us. Sure, you can admire the beauty of the women competing, but why not make a little money off of it too? Yes, you can indeed bet on the 2023 Miss Universe competition, and we’re about to explain how to do so. Keep on reading for our in-depth guide to betting on this once-a-year pageant.

  • What: 2023 Miss Universe pageant
  • When: Saturday, November 18
  • Where: El Salvador

How To Bet On Miss Universe?

Bettors are often surprised to learn that Miss Universe betting is a real thing. Welp, it is. There’s a whole range of entertainment-based betting sites that offer odds for it. You can also gamble on other entertainment competitions like the Oscars or Grammys (which are coming up in early 2024), but Miss Universe is one of the bigger betting draws.

Betting lines are out for the 2023 Miss Universe show. As it stands, these women are betting favorites to take the 2023 crown:

Miss Philippines+400+400+400
Miss Chile+700+700+700
Miss Dominican Republic+900+900+900
Miss Brazil+900+900+900
Miss Mexico+900+900+900
Miss Colombia+900+900+900
Miss Nicaragua+900+900+900
Miss Netherlands+1000+1000+1000
Miss Spain+1000+1000+1000

There are 84 different contestants competing at the Miss Universe pageant. Yes, there are betting lines for each one too. However, it’s our job to narrow down the betting field. So that’s why we want to spend a few minutes drilling down on some of the names and faces to look out for come Saturday’s show.

2023 Miss Universe Betting Options

You’d be smart to take multiple 2023 Miss Universe bets. Why? Because the odds are pretty damn scattered. We mean, the betting favorite is a long +400 to win. That’s a cushy number because you can bet on other women too and not sacrifice all your profits in the event the favorite hits. Knowing that, here are a few candidates we’d keep an eye out for:

Miss Philippines

Michelle Marquez Dee currently possesses this honor. The 28-year-old is a multi-hyphenated entertainer in her home country — actress, TV host, and influencer. She’s a comfy betting favorite at +400 odds.

Beyond being beautiful, Miss Philippines checks some of the proverbial boxes you’d want in a Miss Universe winner. She supports a great cause in autism awareness because her two brothers suffer from it. That’s always a heart-tugging story. Moreover, she’s also openly bi-sexual and is currently dating a female model. Getting some of those woke brownie points also helps, which we’ll get more into as we go along.

Miss USA

The 2022 Miss Universe winner hails from the United States. R’Bonney Gabriel won the crown, but controversy followed this victory. Miss Missouri Mikala McGhee accused the organizers of the Miss USA event of fixing the competition in favor of Gabriel — the USA event, not the Universe one. The complaint from McGhee and others was Gabriel won strictly because she’s American mixed with Philippine. In other words, the victory was based on “being woke.”

Look, we can’t say for sure that it was a set-up, but the fact is the Miss Universe organizers came down and suspended Miss USA organizers. “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire” right?

All this is to say Gabriel is not competing in 2023. That would be Noelia Voigt representing the United States. We include her in the mix because historically, the USA is always a betting contender.

Miss Netherlands

22-year-old Rikkie Kollé is representing the Netherlands here. Since we’re on the topic of woke, Kollé is the prototypical candidate to check this box. That’s because she is one of two transgenders competing at the 2023 show (the other is Miss Portugal). Kollé became the first transgender titleholder from her country when crowned 2022 Miss Netherlands.

Transgenderism is the “flavor of the month” for wokeness if we’re being honest. The issue has been leading dialogue as of late, especially when it comes to competition. There’s a massive debate about letting biological males turned transgender females compete with other women — and that’ll surely rage here too.

Best Bet To Win 2023 Miss Universe

When it comes to betting the 2023 Miss Universe winner, our money is firmly behind Miss Netherlands and Miss Portugal (Marina Machete). Yes, the two transgender competitors.

You can’t overlook the fact that the owner of the Miss Universe pageant is now Anne Jakrajutatip. Long gone are the days of Donald Trump owning this competition. Nope, we’re now in the era of woke and Jakrajutatip is trans herself. She previously used the stage to deliver a speech on the issue of trans lives so having a full-on trans winner would be par for the course.

Bet the two trans candidates with confidence here. Woke ideology is fully in control for the Miss Universe event and you’d be smart to ride that narrative to the bank.

Miss Netherlands to win 2023 Miss Universe

Miss Portugal to win 2023 Miss Universe

Where To Bet 2023 Miss Universe Event

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