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Best Available March Madness 2021 Promos

Best Available March Madness 2021 Promos

It’s March and you know what means — basketball, more basketball, madness, and unbeatable promotions! That’s right, the NCAA Tournament is the perfect time to reap the rewards from online betting sites. There’s a lot to choose from, but we’ve hand-picked the best deals for you to take advantage of right here!

What are the best March Madness 2021 promos available this season? That's a question top of mind for bettors far and wide.

However, there's no one right answer. Not because there aren't great deals across online betting sites, but because there might be too many great deals. Seriously, where's a bettor to even start when big-money offers are being dangled in front of them like a carrot?

Welp, that's why we're here. You see, we've scoured every inch of the Internet to find the second-to-none NCAA tourney promotions that are most worth your money. And the keyword in the last sentence is "most" because who has the time and money for second-rate deals? Not us and neither do you!   

Our selection of top-valued promos is below and we've broken them up based on two categories — contests and sign-up bonus. That should cover the needs of the everyday bettor, whether you want a guaranteed payout or prefer to take a life-changing risk. 

Best March Madness Contests

We like to call this category the "go big or go home" group. That's because contest promotions offer the highest possible payout, but also the longest shots at winning. It's the ultimate risk-reward scenario.

As you're well aware, NCAA Tournament brackets are all the rage during this time of the year. Seemingly every person fills out a bracket, all while attempting to correctly pick every single tourney matchup as accurate as possible.  

If you're going to fill out a March Madness bracket, then let it be over at BetUS. If you do, you could win an eye-popping $1 million dollars — if you pick the perfect bracket. All 67 games. Like we said before, go big or go home.

But that's only the tip of the iceberg at BetUS. They also offer $10,000 prizes to perfect brackets through the Sweet 16 and Elite 8 rounds. Theoretically, a bettor could cash in both with the right bracket.

To enter the BetUS "March Madness Bracket Contest", one must have an account at the site. From there, every $100 deposited into the account will get an entry — which can be used in any of the three contests. So say a bettor tops off their account with $500, they would earn five separate entries, which they can disperse into one or all contests as they'd like.  

Though, BetUS isn't the only bookmaker with a bracket challenge. A great alternative would be what's on the table at What sets this contest apart is it doesn't require perfection to get paid out.

At, they're doling out $100,000 in prizes to the best brackets submitted. Period. The site will tally up bracket points per usual — one point for correct first-round picks, two points for the next round, 32 points for the right tournament champion, and so forth.

The cool 100 grand will then be split among the top-300 brackets. So not only do you not need to pick a perfect bracket to earn a cut of the money, you don't even need to be the top finisher nor in the top-25. Three-hundred bettors will share in the fun at no matter what happens come tourney time.  

But rightfully so, the top bracket will earn the biggest piece of the pie with a $15,000 payout. Second-place scores $7,500, third gets $5000, and so on until the 300th placer. 

Another positive aspect of "Bracket Madness" contest is it's relatively cheap. Bracket entries cost a meager $15 and bettors are free to enter multiple times. 

Both contests at BetUS and have their pros and cons. You'll have to decide what you value more — the bigger potential payday (BetUS) or the higher likelihood of winning ( 

Either way, bracket contests open up on Selection Sunday come March 14. Entries will be allowed until that Friday, March 19 right before the Round of 64 begins. The "First Four" round that takes place the days before this is still fair game to submit a bracket. 

Best March Madness Bonuses

If you're not the bracket-picking type, then you can ditch that completely and just take guaranteed money upfront — no strings attached, no bracket, nothing. It's just free money on the house!

Deals such as these can be had by earning sign-up bonuses. How these offers work is simple: join a betting site, fund your account, and earn a portion of that deposit right back in free play. That's it!

While sign-up bonuses are available year-round, it's not uncommon for bookmakers to "up the ante" during March Madness. They desperately want your dollar during this peak gambling period and roll out their best bonuses of the year accordingly.

Take BetOnline, for example. Right now, bettors could earn $1000 in free play from its new player bonus. Once redeemed, the money can be used freely in regular NCAA Tournament bets like spreads, over/unders, and props. Think to yourself, what could you possibly do with an extra $1000 in your betting bankroll?   

Alright, that's all we have for you — three March Madness promos that are worth thousands to millions of dollars. Act on them before the NCAA Tournament kicks into high gear on March 19. For more details, visit the bookmakers listed below. 


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