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Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. Betting Predictions

Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. Betting Predictions

“The Baddest Man On The Planet” aka Mike Tyson returns to the ring for the first time in 15 years. It’s an exhibition fight against Roy Jones Jr., who is coming out of retirement himself. If you need betting advice on the big fight, read this!

Many bookies have dropped odds for the match after the recent rules announcement. However, some may still have props available.


Almost every sports fan has a Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones betting prediction, and so do we. But here's the difference: we've actually thought deeply about the bout and aren't just talking based on social media clips and prior reputation (which means little in 2020).  

Over the course of this article, we're giving you the full lowdown on the highly anticipated matchup that takes place on November 28. But first, here's how online oddsmakers are pegging the fight:

Fighter mybookie betonline

Mike Tyson

-200 -175

Roy Jones Jr.

+155 +145

And not only can you bet the fight at these sportsbooks, but you can also reap some good rewards while at it. For instance, sign-up bonuses are all too familiar at many online bookies. The deals can net first-players hundreds to thousands of dollars in free play upon creating an account — and what's not to like about that, right?   

So theoretically, you can score wins twice. One from the bonuses and another from picking the fights correctly. When it comes to the latter, we have some strong opinions on what to do:

Tyson-Jones: Which Old-Timer Still Has "It"?

First things first, this isn't exactly a traditional fight. It's only eight rounds as opposed to 12 and each lasts two minutes rather than the usual three. Those are accommodations one must make when a pair of 50-something-year-olds lace up the gloves one more time. 

Given the two's age and layoff from the ring, it's really tough to dissect the fight, especially for Tyson. And make no mistake about it, all eyes are on "Iron Mike" heading into this one

The last time we saw Tyson in a legit competition wasn't a pretty sight. He was knocked out by a pair of nobodies in back-to-back fights during 2004 and 2005. However, most bettors have seemingly forgotten that. 

Instead, all bettors can think of is recent videos released on the Internet of Tyson sparring and training for this upcoming fight, which admittedly, are quite impressive for a 54-year-old. However, this phenomenon is called a "recency bias" and is a real problem amongst bettors. Essentially, it means the mind gives special importance to recent events above everything else.

If you fall into this crowd, we hate to break it to you but spliced up video clips on Twitter don't tell the full story. Heck, Tyson himself said it best a long time ago, "everyone has a plan until they're punched in the mouth."

And the reality here is Tyson hasn't taken a boxing punch to the face in 15 years. How will he react when Jones inevitably connects with a thunderous blow?

Our guess is not good, especially considering Jones is no slouch himself. Here's a guy with a 66-9 all-time mark and at one point was also the top prizefighter in the business akin to Tyson.

But here's the real difference-maker: Jones has quietly kept fighting since he fell out of the spotlight. Ponder this crazy stat: 2019 was the first year since 1988 that Jones didn't compete in a professional boxing match. Moreover, in the 15 years that Tyson has been sidelined, Jones has laced up the gloves a whopping 23 times (despite debuting only four years before Tyson did in 1985).

So while this might not be the popular gambling pick, we're confident Jones Jr. will outlast Tyson. His body is somewhat used to taking punishment, while's Tyson isn't. That'll ultimately be Tyson's undoing, no matter how hard fans root for a triumphant return from the all-time legend.  

Betting pick to make: Roy Jones Jr. (+155)

Bonus Fight Pick: Jake Paul vs. Nate Robinson

Here's a bout flying under the radar, but also taking place on the same fight card as Tyson-Jones — only it doesn't involve real boxers. No, one's an ex-NBA star and the other, well, he's a notorious YouTuber. But in a surprising turn of events, bookmakers are actually favoring the guy who never played a real sport before:

Fighter mybookie betonline

Nate Robinson

+125 +130

Jake Paul

-155 -160

Perhaps bookies prefer Paul based on age. After all, he is 13 years the junior of Robinson. And technically, he has boxed once before (a victory over another YouTuber AnEsonGib) while Robinson has never done so. 

Regardless, there's no way we believe Paul, despite his youth, has more athleticism than Robinson. Have bookies forgotten Robinson lasted 11 years in the NBA despite a 5-foot-9 stature? Have they forgotten he's the only three-time dunk champion in league history?

Our money is on Robinson and honestly, we'd advise loading the boat big time on Nate. His freak, one-of-a-kind athleticism isn't completely gone and he'll crush Paul to the chagrin of Paul's haters, which are abundant online. 

Betting pick to make: Robinson (+125)

That does it for us, folks. Remember, the two above fights go down on Thanksgiving weekend come November 28. It airs live from the newly-named Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, California (where the MLS' Galaxy play at). It can be watched on traditional pay-per-view or social media app, Triller.

If you need a bookmaker to place your bets at, take a gander at the list below. Each has odds for the entire "Frontline Battle" card. Getting started at any of the sportsbooks takes only minutes. Upon depositing money into your account, you'll be ready to drop a bet on all the fights.

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