How EXACTLY To Bet On Super Bowl 57 MVP

How EXACTLY To Bet On Super Bowl 57 MVP

One of the most bet-on Super Bowl prop bets is undoubtedly who wins the game's Most Valuable Player award. That's no different going into Super Bowl 57 featuring the Chiefs and Eagles. In this article, we break down the award race on both sides before ending with our expert pick on who will claim the Super Bowl 57 MVP! Keep reading if you want to make money at top-used Super Bowl sportsbooks!

First things first, let's take a look at the current Super Bowl MVP odds. We scoured different NFL betting sites, but you're getting just about the same lines across the board. As it stands, these players are most favored to be named MVP:

Jalen Hurts+110+110+110
Patrick Mahomes+130+130+130
Travis Kelce+1000+1000+1000
AJ Brown+1000+1000+1000
Miles Sanders+2200+2200+2200
Isiah Pacheco+3500+3500+3500
Chris Jones+4000+4000+4000
Haason Reddick+5000+5000+5000

Best Bet To Win Super Bowl 57 MVP

Before you even decide who to bet on for the Super Bowl MVP award category, you must first pick which team is going to win the "big game." Why? Because the MVP is going to go the best-performing player on that team. Only one time in history has the MVP ever gone to a player on the losing team (Cowboys linebacker Chuck Howley), and that happening again is highly unlikely. With that in mind, we have separate picks for each scenario (Kansas City winning or Philadelphia winning) playing out:

If Kansas City Wins The Super Bowl

Look, we're already on record saying the Chiefs will become Super Bowl champions. Therefore, this is our most confident betting pick out of the two scenarios. And quite simply, if Kansas City beats Philly, it'll be because of Patrick Mahomes — who won Super Bowl MVP three years ago.

If there's one matchup that will determine the Super Bowl, it's this one: the Chiefs' offensive line against the Eagles' defensive line. Each unit was number one in their respective categories. For the KC offensive line, they topped the league in regular-season pass block win rate with 74.7 percent. On the other end of the spectrum, Philadelphia was first with a 52 percent pass rush win rate that led to 70 sacks this year. That sack number topped the NFL and was actually third most of all time.

Honestly, we're not going to say one side has the advantage when it comes to the trench play. Both elite-level units will effectively cancel each other out. The Chiefs' line will win some plays, while the Eagles will win others. But the point is: we don't expect Mahomes to be under too much duress. Certainly not like he was two years ago when Kansas City was smoked by Tampa Bay in the "big game." So long as Mahomes has some time in the pocket, he's dangerous enough to lead his team to victory AND get an MVP trophy while at it.

And here's one more thing Mahomes has going his way: a good story. He effectively played on one leg in the AFC championship game and won the close matchup with a gutsy run using his hobbled leg. Maybe Mahomes heals a high ankle sprain in two weeks, maybe he doesn't. But Mahomes has the chance to have a "Willis Reed" moment if he comes up clutch despite being injured. That only makes this wager even more must-bet in our mind.

Patrick Mahomes to win Super Bowl 57 MVP

If Philadelphia Wins The Super Bowl

Alright, if you REALLY believe the Eagles will come out on top, then you should bet on this next player. To the surprise of many, we're not picking Jalen Hurts. After all, the MVP award is mostly a quarterbacks award, hence why Hurts is the odds-on favorite to win it.

Why not Hurts, you ask? Because Hurts hasn't had an impressive game since early December. That's around the time he sustained a shoulder injury, which is still hampering him. In two playoff games, Hurts has been very "meh" — going 31-for-45 for 275 yards, two touchdowns, and zero interceptions. He's also only rushed for 73 yards. It appears Hurts isn't 100 percent healthy and similar stats in the Super Bowl probably aren't going to get him the MVP.

To us, if the Eagles do in fact beat the Chiefs, it's because they'll find a way to stifle the number-one-rated offense. Standout defense, not quarterback, has keyed them in the postseason and that could be in play come the Super Bowl. In that plausible event, a defensive player could steal the MVP award.

If so, our money is on outside linebacker Reddick. His 16 sacks were the highest on the team, and second-most in the NFL. Reddick's explosiveness on the edges could wreak havoc on Mahomes and company. A few sacks or even a strip fumble would vault Reddick into the unlikely MVP spot despite longshot odds. Screw it, we think it's a flyer bet worth taking given his outsized talent.

Haason Reddick to win Super Bowl 57 MVP

How To Bet On Super Bowl 57 MVP?

Whether you're taking Mahomes or Reddick or another player we didn't even mention, none of it matters if you don't actually place a Super Bowl 57 MVP bet. "Talk is cheap" as they say. But if you're ready to "put your money where your mouth is" then visit one of the bookmakers listed underneath. Any one of these sites will offer the MVP bet, plus a litany of others around the Super Bowl.

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