Make This NFL MVP Bet Right Away

Make This NFL MVP Bet Right Away

For the first time in a long time, we have one of the most competitive MVP races in an NFL season. Who’s going to win the 2023 MVP? We have betting predictions right here if you stick with us. With the regular season winding down, now is the time to place this bet!

  • What: 2023 NFL MVP
  • When: Winner is announced Super Bowl weekend

2023 MVP Betting Odds

We’re 13 weeks through the NFL season — leaving only five more games. As it stands, here are the current MVP odds listed at top NFL betting sites:

Brock Purdy+350+350+350
Jalen Hurts+400+400+400
Dak Prescott+400+400+400
Patrick Mahomes+700+700+700
Tua Tagovailoa+800+800+800

The odds are constantly in flux, especially at this stage of the season. Before Week 13, Hurts was the leading candidate for MVP odds-wise. That all changed when Hurts’ Eagles were blown out, at home no less, by the 49ers. With that statement win, Purdy supplanted Hurts as the bookies' top MVP choice.

If you want to lock in the betting odds you saw above, you need to lock in these wagers as soon as you’re done reading. Surely, after Week 14, the MVP odds will get shaken up again — possibly to your benefit or detriment. You never know that’s why we encourage a wager sooner rather than later.

Best Bets To Win NFL MVP

All right, we’re going to place two different bets on NFL MVP. At the current odds — everyone is plus money — you can afford to bet more than one player. So long as one of your bets hits, it’s very possible to remain profitable on this wager. Two picks really is the sweet spot to preserve those profits though. Here’s the two players we’re prioritizing with bets:

Brock Purdy

If you can only make one MVP bet, then let it be Purdy. This is the classic case of a quarterback on the best team in the NFL. Many times, that’s the exact recipe that earns votes. It’s hard to argue it’s not true given how San Francisco is playing.

The 49ers are 9-3 — the same record as the Cowboys and Lions, but one behind the Eagles in the NFC. But make no mistake, San Francisco is the team to beat among the four (hence why its Super Bowl odds are the shortest too). Not only did they blow the doors off Philadelphia 42-19, but they did the same to Dallas too, winning 42-10. These scores show the 49ers are a cut above their NFC competitors.

When picking MVP, it’ll help to look at who San Francisco plays the rest of the way. Remaining on its schedule are Seattle, Arizona, Baltimore, Washington, and Los Angeles. Of those teams, only the Ravens have a winning record. That matchup — which could be a Super Bowl preview as Baltimore is 9-3 too — is another statement game. If the 49ers roll to victory, the argument is closed on who’s the best team league-wide.

We’ve spent this whole section talking up the team, more so than Purdy — which is sort of the story right now. However, let’s not discredit the quarterback either. His stats are off-the-charts efficient. Purdy has completed 70.2 percent of his passes for 3,185 yards and 23 touchdowns to only six interceptions. The 49ers aren’t winning besides him, they’re winning partly cause of him. All this makes Purdy the top betting choice for MVP.

Tua Tagovailoa

Admittedly, Tua is our darkhorse MVP choice. Darkhorse because Tua’s odds are substantially longer at +800. Also a darkhorse because Tagovailoa’s success so often gets discredited because of his speedy playmakers — Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle. Still, we love the value of Tua here at +800.

For one, Tua has as good of passing stats as any of the MVP candidates. His 3,457 passing yards are third-best in the NFL and is also second with 24 touchdowns. With how explosive this offense is, he could very much run up the numbers too.

However, here’s why we think Tagovailoa is worth a bet. Miami closes with a murder row of opponents — Dallas, Baltimore, and Buffalo. If Tua balls out and the Dolphins win these games, then momentum will swing wildly in his favor for MVP. Those are all Super Bowl-caliber teams so they become statement games like the ones San Francisco already has on their resume.

With an MVP race that’s this up in the air, recency bias could prevail though. Winning out in those final three games could catapult Tua and Miami into true MVP and champion contenders, respectively, ahead of even San Francisco. This is why it makes so much sense to bet both team’s quarterbacks and let the better man and/or team win.

How To Bet On NFL MVP?

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