2021 Ryder Cup Betting Guide

2021 Ryder Cup Betting Guide

We'll tell you what though, weeks before the event goes down, the United States is favored to win. Then again, that's not a surprise given the home-field advantage (more on this soon). Here's how online sportsbooks are currently pegging the 2021 Ryder Cup:

USA wins-185-185
Europe wins+195+195

How The Ryder Cup Works

We have to preface this guide by saying this isn't your regular golf tournament. No, no, it's completely different than a normal PGA Tour event, mainly because it's a team-versus-team affair.

The Ryder Cup is played over three days. There are 28 different "matches" with points on the line. Outright winning a match earns one point for the respective team of the player. If a match ends in a tie, a half-point goes to both sides. Playoffs don't exist. 

The first team to earn 14.5 points takes home the Ryder Cup. In the event there is a 14-14 tie, then the reigning Ryder Cup champions — which is Europe after a triumph in 2018 — automatically retain the trophy and bragging rights.

As for the matches themselves, they consist of different competitions. That includes games of fourball (eight total games), foursomes (eight more matches), and singles (12 games). 

Ryder Cup 2021 Preview

This year's event takes place at Whistling Straits in Wisconsin. It's a makeup from last year, which was postponed due to the pandemic. This is the 43rd edition of the famed Ryder Cup. 

Since the turn of the century, Europe has mostly dominated its American counterparts. Europe has seven Ryder Cup wins to the USA's two from 2001 and onward. For what it's worth, both those USA wins came on American soil.

The 12-man roster for the U.S. consists of the top-six players based on points and another six selections via captain Steve Stricker. Notable names on the team include Dustin Johnson, Brooks Koepka, Colin Morikawa, Jordan Spieth, among others.

Europe's team isn't official quite yet. It will also include 12 players based on points (nine will be selected through this process) and captain choices. The full European roster will be announced come September 13. 

Ryder Cup Betting Pick

We feel saying this is necessary so here we go: don't bet on a tie. Just don't. We know those steep odds (and the possible payday that comes with it) are appealing. But ties are very rare in the Ryder Cup. In the previous 42 competitions, it's only happened twice (or 4.7% of the time). 

With that out of the way, we're riding the USA to the bank. On paper, we expect the US roster to be more talented top-to-bottom. Europe has typically leaned on experience to bolster its roster and edge the Americans. It's worked well in recent memory, but the tide is turning in 2021. 

Throw in the home-field advantage the Americans will benefit from and we think a Ryder Cup is in their sights later this month. Their heavy odds are warranted and we think it's the smart bet to make.  

How To Watch The 2021 Ryder Cup?

Few golf events are as exciting as the Ryder Cup. Maybe it's the international bragging rights that are at stake. Or maybe it's the biennial schedule it's played. Either way, Ryder Cup makes for must-watch television. Knowing that, here's the full broadcast schedule for the 2021 competition:

  • Friday, September 24: 8 am to 7 pm EST on the Golf Channel
  • Saturday, September 25: 8 am to 9 am EST on the Golf Channel; 9 am to 7 pm EST on NBC
  • Sunday, September 26: noon to 6 pm EST on NBC

On Friday and Saturday, the mornings will be reserved for foursome matches. In the afternoon, four ball games go down. Sunday is reserved strictly for singles matchups until the trophy presentation in the finale. 

How To Bet The 2021 Ryder Cup?

If you want action on the Ryder Cup, then there's no better option than using an online sportsbook. Of course, there's a lot to choose from. However, the ones listed underneath are among the best for golf betting.

What makes them so good, you ask? How about doling out hundreds to thousands of dollars in free play to new bettors? It's true and that free money comes in the form of sign-up bonuses. The table has details on what bonuses are currently available.  

Like we mentioned, these deals are for new players of the site. All that's needed to redeem is two things. One, create an account with one of the bookmakers. And two, fund that new account with your own money. Part of the deposit is what's matched in free play by the site, which you can wager immediately after earning.

Completing this two-step bonus process takes a few minutes. C'mon, where else can you earn thousands of dollars in only a matter of minutes? Yeah, we thought so. To earn your bonus, hit one of the "play now" buttons in the table below!