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Eric Uribe | Thu 30/04/2020 - 03:16 EDT

Sport Games To Bet On During The Coronavirus Outbreak

Sport Games To Bet On During The Coronavirus Outbreak
Did you know you can bet on games in soccer, basketball, hockey, and other sports right now amidst these worldwide COVID-19 lockdown measures? Yes, you can — just not in the pro leagues you're accustomed to like NBA, NHL, or English Premier League. But there is indeed betting available on such sport matchups, albeit in obscure leagues. Don't believe us? Check out this COVID-19 emergency betting guide!

We're not even one full month into combatting the spread of the Coronavirus with social-distancing measures (inside the United States, at least), but it sure feels a lot longer. And we mean, A LOT. 

Maybe it's the lack of social interaction. Or maybe it's the work-from-home schedules. Or perhaps it's the complete lack of real-time sports to watch. Whatever it is, the days seem to be dragging on lately and there's no clear end in sight, either.

But wait, there's a small glimmer of hope. Not ALL sports are on pause at this very moment, which means there are betting lines available — and we're not just talking futures or virtual games, either. We mean actual sporting events being played that can be wagered on. 

Unfortunately, it's not marquee matchups across the NBA, MLB, or UEFA Champions League. But... it's contested in these same sports, only that they're taking place in little-known leagues on smaller countries around the world. 

Yes, we've reached the point in this crisis where SOME sports betting — no matter how obscure — is better than no wagering. What's the famous saying again? Oh, right, "desperate times call for desperate measures." For bettors, that phrase has never rung more true. 

Nonetheless, we're about to give you a full rundown of what sports can occupy your time (and money) during this social-distancing marathon. Our hope is the thrill of wagering can restore your spirit in these trying times, even if it's just a little. 

Where To Find Bets During The Lockdown

Many of the top online sportsbooks are carrying game lines, but our favorite spot to find current odds has to be Bovada. Once on the site, click into its sports betting menu and you'll be able to find lines sport-by-sport.

Here at SportsBookBonus, we typically like giving out free picks based on our own research. But let's not fool ourselves here, up until a few days ago, we had never heard of any of these teams or leagues. We're going to guess you're in the same boat. In this scenario, we'd typically just "Google it." But alas, there's not much information on there either.

All things considered, maybe keep betting sums low at first. We're sure you have a hole burning in your pocket after one sports-less month, but smart betting is still the name of the game — no matter the circumstances!

How To Bet Basketball During The Lockdown

On the island of Taiwan — not far from where the chain of events with the Coronavirus begun — the Super Basketball Leagues wages on. In the wee hours of Thursday, two games will transpire in the semi-professional league:

  • Bank of Taiwan vs. Pauian Archiland (-2.5)
  • Jiutai vs. Taiwan Beer (-13.5)

Given how little information there is about this league, you really have to lean on gut instincts with this one. For us, we're not betting against a team named Taiwan Beer — not now, not ever. 

A quick Internet search revealed the team used to have an even better name, too. At one time, they were dubbed the Taiwan Tobacco and Wine Monopoly Bureau Golden Dragons. Yep, considered us sold on the Taiwan Beer!

How To Bet Soccer During The Lockdown

So you thought there was no more Premier League, huh? Welp, that's certainly still the case for the EPL, but one does remain running. We're talking about the Belarusian Premier League

This is actually the top soccer division in the great country of Belarus. Matter of fact, it's the only top-flight soccer league in Europe that remains active.

All sixteen teams of the top league will be in action over the coming days. Games start on April 10 and run through April 13. 

If you can't get enough of Belarusian soccer, then turn your attention to the Belarusian Cup. Akin to domestic tournaments in other countries, this pits soccer clubs in Belarus of all levels against each other — with a guaranteed spot in Europa League going to the tourney winner. 

The Belarusian Cup is down to the final four teams with the first leg of the semi-final round starting this Wednesday. Since you're (probably) unfamiliar with the championship hopefuls, perhaps use the first leg as "study time" per se. Do your research on the remaining clubs so you'll actually be prepared come to the second leg on April 29. Smart betting, remember?

An Unconventional Bet In Unconventional Times

Ok, we couldn't help ourselves with this one. In this unprecedented situation, why stick to just betting on traditional sports? Why not a little table tennis for a change?

Yes, pro table tennis is a thing and there's a host of bettable matches across the Czech Republic, Russia, Ukraine, and probably other countries. There are wagering options galore and that's what makes this one so enticing. Needy bettors, rejoice cause table tennis will have us covered for months to come!

Well, that does it for us, folks! All the aforementioned games are just some of the betting options you have during this pandemic. If you're looking for more wagers, turn your attention to anyone of the sportsbooks below.

Never signed up to one of them? No problem. Signing up is not only quick and easy, but it can actually earn you hundreds to thousands of dollars in free play with a welcome bonus. And right now, who couldn't use some extra playing money?

Bonuses are unlocked after funding your betting account for the first time. If today's betting options don't suit you, you can always stash your free play until big-league sports do return — and for everyone's sake, we hope that's soon!

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