Early Predictions To Win 2023 NBA Finals

Early Predictions To Win 2023 NBA Finals

We’re one month removed from the Warriors claiming their fourth NBA title in seven years, but it’s never too early to begin forecasting the 2022-23 regular season ahead. In this article, we’re giving early predictions on who the 2023 NBA champions might be, which could make you a pretty penny when betting futures. Read on for our expert betting advice!

Top-rated online sportsbooks have already made the Celtics early betting favorites to win the 2023 Finals. Here are the other betting frontrunners at the moment:

Boston Celtics+550+550
Golden State Warriors+650+650
Milwaukee Bucks+650+650
Los Angeles Clippers+650+650
Phoenix Suns+750+750
Miami Heat+900+900
Los Angeles Lakers+1000+1000
Philadelphia 76ers+1400+1400

Before we go any further, we do need to make one thing crystal clear: it’s early. We mean, the real NBA offseason hasn’t even started yet. One free-agency signing or a trade — Kevin Durant is expected to be moved this summer — can change the entire league pecking order. That’s why you should temper the size of your bets, for now at least. Don’t risk a huge percentage of your betting bankroll until the “dust full settles” and we have a better idea of NBA rosters next season.

Betting Advice For 2023 NBA Championship

We’re going to be offering betting advice on multiple 2023 NBA championship contenders. By advice, we’ll be telling you who to wager on AND who to avoid. The latter of which is just as important. Let’s jump into our NBA title team’s do’s and don’ts:

Do Bet — Milwaukee Bucks

If Kris Middleton doesn’t get hurt at the end of last season, there’s a legit chance Milwaukee makes the NBA Finals, if not repeat as champions. Without its second-best player, the Bucks still took the Celtics to seven games. This team, as constructed, can win one more ring. Giannis Antetokounmpo is arguably the best basketball player in the world. This team is defensively-sound. And the core of its roster is more than familiar with one another.

But here’s one more under-the-radar reason we’re banking big on the Bucks in 2023: it could be the team's last opportunity to win a title. Why? Welp, its key pieces outside of Antetokounmpo are getting old. Khris Middleton will soon be 31, Jrue Holiday just turned 32, Brook Lopez is 34, and Wesley Matthews is 35. Their window of opportunity is closing and the whole organization surely feels it. That desperation could put them over the top in a crowded championship field.

Milwaukee Bucks to win the 2023 NBA championship

Don’t Bet — LA Clippers

We are stunned the Clippers have the second-best title odds across popular NBA betting sites. On paper, we understand the betting optimism. When healthy, Kawhi Leonard and Paul George are a lethal one-two combo, perhaps the NBA’s best. But that’s the thing: they seemingly can’t stay healthy. As a bettor, it’s a huge risk to assume both LA stars will play a full season together, which is what’ll likely be needed to deliver this franchise a much-needed championship.

Leonard missed the entire 2021-22 season with an ACL injury. Injuries have been the norm for him since 2017 and he’ll surely be a victim of “load management” all season long. George doesn’t have the same injury history, but he did miss 51 games a season ago with elbow issues. George is 32 years old now and Leonard is 31, which could signal more health issues. Given that, we just can’t buy the Clippers as serious threats to win it all.

Do Bet — Los Angeles Lakers

Look, the Lakers roster, as it is right now, is not a threat to win the Finals. Anthony Davis, like Leonard, is injury-prone and Russell Westbrook, welp, he’s just flat-out awful in today’s NBA landscape. However, this betting pick is contingent on Los Angeles making a big splash this offseason, which just might be acquiring Kyrie Irving.

If that Irving-to-LA scenario happens, the Lakers shoot up in the betting totem pole in a hurry. Taking them now, at these steep +1000 odds, would be a huge bargain in that case. We think it’s worth a shot given the previous success of Irving and LeBron James. Those two would rival, if not eclipse, the one-two duo on the city's other team.

Los Angeles Lakers to win the 2023 NBA championship

Don’t Bet — Phoenix Suns

That’s it, we’re done counting on Chris Paul. As great as he is — one of the best point guards ever — he just can’t deliver when it counts most. A Paul-led team once again blew a 2-0 playoff lead (this time to the Mavericks) and after so many instances (across multiple franchises), we’ve given up on Paul ever winning a ring while he’s a key contributor.

The Suns need to make a big move this offseason, most likely involving DeAndre Ayton. He’s failed to turn into the third superstar this franchise needs and Phoenix can’t waste any more time hoping he does (since Paul is 37). Phoenix, however, is a historically inept organization, and does anyone really believe they can flip Ayton for better pieces, such as Durant? We sure don’t, hence why we’re skipping the Suns altogether.

How To Bet On 2023 NBA Futures?

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