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Eric Uribe | Thu 25/03/2021 - 04:04 EDT

UFC 260 Free Betting Picks

UFC 260 Free Betting Picks
Two championships are on the line come UFC 260. Here's a complete preview to the pay-per-view. We're breaking down the top fights, as well as giving you our expert advice on how to bet it. Give this a hard read before you put any money down on UFC 260!

We have all the UFC 260 betting picks that you're looking for right here in this article. But before we get to that, let's see who the online oddsmakers are favoring in the top main card fights:

Francis Ngannou-136+116Stipe Miocic
Alexander Volkanovski-185+160Brian Ortega
Vicente Luque-275+245Tyron Woodley

UFC 260 isn't until March 27. In the meantime, there's a sure-fire way you can build your gambling bankroll before the big show — taking advantage of betting site promotions

Perhaps the most popular deal is the sign-up bonus. As the name implies, it's a special offer for joining an online sportsbook. Here's how it works: create an account, top off the said account, and earn a portion of that deposit back in free play. 

There are too many sign-up bonuses to name, but we do want to highlight the deal available on BetOnline. New players to the site can earn a whopping $1000 in free play from its sign-up bonus. That's a cool grand you can freely bet however you like, whether that's on UFC 260 or even March Madness. 

Our advice is to reap the rewards from a sign-up bonus before UFC 260. Then once the pay-per-view rolls around at the end of March, use the free play earned on your UFC bets. Doing so can really boost your winnings in a hurry.

Of course, the above strategy is dependent on you actually hitting on your UFC 260 picks. Good thing we also got you covered in that department. Let's cover the wagers most worth your dollar come fight night.

An Unconventional Underdog 

By all accounts, Miocic should be the betting favorite. He's the reigning UFC heavyweight champion. He's arguably the greatest fighter of all-time in the weight class. He previously beat Ngannou by unanimous decision. 

Yet, Miocic is the slight underdog. Anyone else dumbfounded by that or is that just us?

Look, we get it, the challenger is red-hot. Not only has Ngannou won four fights in a row, but none of his opponents lasted longer than 90 seconds before being KO'd. While impressive on the surface, we're less convinced.

Two of those wins came against Cain Velasquez and Junior dos Santos. Sure, both are ex-heavyweight title-holders, but that was ages ago. The fighters Ngannou manhandled those nights are shells of themselves. Ngannou's streak also includes victories over Curtis Blades and Jairzinho Rozenstruik, while solid fighters are not all-timers like Miocic. 

Going back to the two's first matchup at UFC 220 during 2018, it was a completely lopsided affair. Ngannou won zero rounds on all three judge's scorecards. Miocic also outstruck his opponent by a whopping 200-33 margin. Similarly, Miocic earned six takedowns to zero by Ngannou. With the benefit of hindsight, it was a complete domination by Miocic on all fronts. 

If you haven't guessed it by now, our money is on Miocic to win once again. And honestly, we're hammering this bet hard. It's incredibly rare to get a fighter the caliber of Miocic at plus-money odds. An opportunity like that must be seized with a big-money wager. 

Betting pick to make: Miocic (+116)

Volkanovski Looks To Continue Win Streak

The reigning featherweight champion Volkanovski hasn't tasted defeat since 2013 (the only loss of his career). Since then, he's strung together 19 straight victories, a streak that's vaulted Volkanovski into the sixth spot in UFC's pound-for-pound rankings.

But to his credit, Ortega also has just one blemish on his all-time mark. He's 15-1 and returned from a multiple-year fighting absence to defeat the Korean Zombie a few months ago, setting up this championship collision.

Oddsmakers are pegging the fight relatively close, as they should. Ortega looked like a completely different fighter in his recent octagon return, but it's still not a large enough sample size for us to predict the upset. 

Volkanovski doesn't get nearly the credit he deserves. Sure, he had one close, disputed win against Max Holloway, but outside of that, he's run through every fighter UFC has put in his way. We expect that trend to continue come UFC 260. 

Betting pick to make: Volkanovski (-185)

Woodley Is Washed Up

Welp, you saw the above headline and we're sticking to our guns. Once upon a time, Woodley was one of the greatest welterweight champions in UFC history (a title he successfully defended four times). Too bad that was years ago.

Woodley has dropped three fights in a row — all in convincing fashion (two unanimous decisions and a TKO). Simply put, the 38-year-old Woodley has lost several steps

This fight is classic UFC bookmaking. Feed a falling star (Woodley) against a rising one (29-year-old Luque). Astoundingly, Luque has amassed a 12-2 record during his UFC career, but mostly in the shadows. With the spotlight finally on him, we expect Luque to make quick work of Woodley. If there's a method of victory prop bet, take Luque by KO

Betting pick to make: Luque (-275)

That's our UFC betting picks, folks. Of course, there's a slew of other fights on the UFC 260 card. If you're looking for odds on those, then we advise you to visit one of the bookmakers listed below.

While you're exploring the betting sites, look into their promotions, too. As we said before, you can pull a double-whammy of winnings by using a bonus then wagering on UFC. We don't know about you, but we're not the ones to leave free money on the table!  

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