Way-Too-Early Betting Predictions To Win 2023 NFL Super Bowl

Way-Too-Early Betting Predictions To Win 2023 NFL Super Bowl

While the offseason still has the NFL Draft waiting in the wings, plus a few more possible blockbuster trades (Baker Mayfield and Jimmy Garoppolo) come to mind, the NFL pecking order probably won’t be changing all that much more until the season starts. The very best online sportsbooks have essentially set the pecking order based on their betting lines to win the Super Bowl. Here are the teams the bookies are favoring most to win it all:

Buffalo Bills+700+700
Tampa Bay Bucaneers+800+800
Kansas City Chiefs+900+900
Green Bay Packers+1100+1100
LA Rams+1100+1100
San Francisco 49ers+1400+1400
Denver Broncos+1600+1600
LA Chargers+1600+1600
Cleveland Browns+1600+1600

Best Bets To Win 2023 Super Bowl

At this stage of the game — five months before the regular-season starts — you don’t want to “overdo” your Super Bowl bets. By that, we mean to throw around huge sums of money (unless you have a huge bankroll to spare). You want to temper the size of bets (for now) since football is notoriously injury-ridden and unpredictable, as this offseason has shown us. With that said, we’re targeting the below teams as our best bets to win the Super Bowl. A few dollars on them now is worth the possibly big reward come February 2023:

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tom Brady retired and came back in less than two months — and he returns to an NFC side that’s short on quarterback talent. There’s Aaron Rodgers, there’s Matt Stafford, and there’s Brady — that’s really it (sorry Kyler Murray, you just missed the cut). That’s noticeably less deep than the AFC. You almost have to bet on one of the three NFC elite QBs to win it all, and to us, there’s no better pick than Brady and company.

Sure, Brady will turn 45 before the season starts, but the man is coming off one of the best statistical seasons of his whole career — 5,316 yards (a career-high), 43 TDs (second-most of his career), and 102.1 QB rating. With a depleted offense, he took the eventual champion Rams to the brink in the NFC playoffs too. We have little doubt Brady can replicate that level of performance in what may be his true swan song year (his contract expires at season's end). The question is, do the Buccaneers have the talent around Brady to deliver his eighth Super Bowl title?

Tampa re-signed running back Leonard Fournette and wide receiver Chris Godwin during the offseason. Mike Evan’s is still around. However, we’d like to see the Bucs add a third pass-catching weapon — to inevitably replace the void Antonio Brown left. Given how respected Brady is, we wouldn’t be surprised to see a notable name take a “discount” to play alongside the GOAT. We’re looking at you, Odell Beckham. This is why we’re betting the Bucs now to take advantage of the line in case it moves with a key signing like that, which we fully expect to happen sometime before September.

Tampa Bay Bucaneers to win the 2022 NFL Super Bowl

Buffalo Bills

If we’re being completely honest, we thought Buffalo should’ve won the Super Bowl last season. It had the number-one-ranked defense in the league and a top-5 quarterback. Of course, they “choked” in epic proportion to Kansas City in the AFC divisional round. But sometimes, you need that level of heartbreak to spur you to greatness — which is why the Bills are our favorite Super Bowl choice in the AFC (as well as top betting sites for NFL).

One big thing Buffalo has going for it that other AFC contenders (e.g. the Chargers, Raiders, or Browns) don’t is their not inexperienced — both playing with one another or playing in meaningful January games. The core of this roster has been knocking on the Super Bowl two years running before running into its kryptonite, Kansas City. Perhaps losing Tyreek Hill weakens the Chiefs enough for the Bills to take the AFC mantle. Heck, that’s exactly what we’re betting on to happen.

Buffalo Bills to win the 2022 NFL Super Bowl

Denver Broncos

The past two Super Bowl winners — Tampa and LA — did so after acquiring a splashy new quarterback in the offseason before. It's a trend worth pointing out given that not one, but two franchise quarterbacks were dealt recently. The first being Russell Wilson to Denver and then Deshaun Watson to Cleveland. Between the two, we like Wilson and the Broncos’ chances more.

That’s because Denver had all the talent in place minus the QB position. They won seven games in 2021 despite shoddy quarterbacking by Teddy Bridgewater and Drew Lock, trading away Von Miller, and a rash of injuries in the defensive secondary. As a top-5 player at his position, Wilson instantly makes them a contender.

Beyond the Wilson boost, we also like the Broncos’ value. At +1600, they’re not in the first tier of Super Bowl favorites, but they’re tops in the second tier (the Browns and Chargers are also at +1600). But unlike those two teams, Denver has a proven winner leading their team and that’s Wilson.

Denver Broncos to win the 2022 NFL Super Bowl

How To Bet 2023 NFL Super Bowl?

For the best football betting, you can't go wrong with one of the bookies listed underneath. They'll have up-to-date betting lines for the 2023 NFL Super Bowl from now through February when the game is actually played. Find out your favorite teams' chance to win by clicking the links in the table below.