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Youwin Sportsbook Sign UP Bonus

While not open to players based in the United States, YouWin has made a name for itself in Canada and elsewhere in the world. It checks a lot of the boxes that you’re looking for in a betting site — loaded sportsbook, virtual casino, and live gambling (both in sports and table games).

But how does it fare against competing sites when it comes to bonus offers and promotions? The question was top-of-mind for us while creating this handy guide on all the deals offered on-site. As you’ll see, we compared and contrasted YouWin’s bonuses with the rest of the industry to find opportunities and shortcomings, respectively.  

Without further ado, let’s jump right into what promotions YouWin has for the taking!

$100 Bonus Not Available for American Players
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  2. 2Set up a personal betting account in seconds
  3. 3Click on the cashier section to make a first deposit
  4. 4Bank your Uwin Welcome Bonus and start winning!
Max Bonus
$ 100
Min Deposit
$ 10
Value Score
Worth noting about Youwin
  • Specific sign-up deals for sports and casino
  • Modest 5X rollover in sports
  • Top-notch customer service
So how can I claim this bonus? No minimum deposit required to redeem the 100-percent bonus Sign up Now

YouWin Bonuses

How To Earn You Win Sign-Up Bonus

In today’s day and age, there’s no reason why a bettor shouldn’t earn free cash or free play off the bat after signing up to a betting site. That’s because sign-up bonuses have now become the norm across the industry. 

A sign-up deal has a lot of synonyms — welcome, new member, initial deposit, or introductory deals, to name a few. All of these terms are interchangeable with one another. While there’s an abundance of names for the bonus, they all work essentially the same.

First, a user signs up to a betting site (one they’ve never played at before). Next, they deposit a sum of money, that’s reasonable to them, into their betting account. Off that deposit amount, a betting site rewards them in free play to use throughout the platform. Pretty easy, right? 

The exact amount of free money that’s handed to the player depends on two variables — the match percentage and max payout allowed of said bonus. While sign-up bonuses function similarily, they’ll vary more widely in those two factors.

At YouWin, the sign-up bonus comes with a 100-percent match up to $100 Canadian dollars. That welcome deal is a “story of two halves” to borrow a sports term.

On one hand, getting a dollar-for-dollar match is as good as it gets in sports betting welcome promos. You’ll rarely see one above that 100-percent figure, while many others will reach only 50 percent altogether. 

However, a max payout of $100 is pretty thin. We hate to be greedy, especially when it comes to free play, but that total sum is well below the best betting site offers. Cash bonuses between $500 and $1000 seem to be the sweet spot for these types of deals and YouWin’s falls well short of that. 

You have to take the good with the bad, we suppose. But on that note, the YouWin welcome bonus has a very modest rollover rate of 5X. Rollover or playthrough requirement is the minimum amount you’ll need to wager before withdrawing any penny of the winnings. 

At just 5X, most bettors should be able to hit that rollover requirement pretty easily. They’ll have only 30 days to do just that because the bonus will expire after that time period. Anything remaining after that 30-day window will be forfeited by the player immediately.  

You won’t need a YouWin bonus code to claim this deal, either. It’s applied automatically upon signing up and making an initial deposit. By the way, there’s no minimum on that deposit to become eligible for this bonus. Conceivably, you could insert $1 and qualify for it (though, a 10-cent bonus would literally be pennies).

This sign-up bonus is eligible to bettors from Canada only. Moreover, it’s for use strictly in the sportsbook. Casino gamblers, worry not, there’s a separate sign-up bonus for you, which we’ll get to later in this guide.  

YouWin Cashout Feature

No, this isn’t a bonus in the traditional sense. However, it’s a prominent feature of YouWin that in the long run, can earn or save you much more money than any sign-up bonus. 

Early cashout is a relatively new option in online sports betting. However, it’s yet to become normalized industry-wide. YouWin is one of the earlier adopters of the feature.

As the name implies, early cashout allows bettors to settle bets early — as in before the event comes to an end. This guarantees a payout and puts players in the “driver’s seat” if you will on their wagers.

There is a catch, however. Cashing out early will affect your winnings. Most of the time, it’ll actually lower your original payout. YouWin uses an advanced formula based on what you initially risked and how much time is remaining from your bet to formulate the final payout.

At YouWin, you can cashout early on straight bets, as well as parlays. The latter of which is a game-changer. Hardened bettors know there’s no worse feeling than losing on the final leg of a parlay. But thanks to cashout, you can now insure yourself against late-game heartbreaks.  

YouWin offers cashout on a wide array of bets across a plethora of sports — soccer, baseball, basketball, tennis, and more. Make sure to read the terms and conditions of the feature to get the full breakdown on what’s covered and what’s not. 

YouWin Casino Bonuses

Alright, back to bonuses, the usual kind. Earlier we mentioned that YouWin has its own sign-up bonus exclusive to the casino and we weren’t kidding.

The casino welcome deal is also matched at the full 100 percent. Furthermore, the max payout jumps to $200 here — doubling that of the sportsbook. 

If we’re being honest, this introductory deal also feels underwhelming. We mean, a $200 max, that’s it? By and large, the casino welcome promo is the most lucrative bonus of all bonuses offered by online betting sites. Some go up to as much as $3,000 in free play. Comparatively, YouWin’s just feels like peanuts. 

You’ll need a $25 minimum deposit to qualify for this casino bonus. And like the sportsbook offer, this YouWin promo doesn’t require any code. Just sign up, deposit, and YouWin win handle the rest!

Word of advice, though: don’t risk your entire free play by betting black/red or odd/even in the roulette table. In the terms and conditions of the bonus, YouWin warns doing so will lead to immediate cancellation of winnings and/or remaining funds. 

Playing Blackjack & Roulette Pays Back At YouWin

So you’ve exhausted your sign-up bonus, now what? Is there any other way to earn free play? If you’re a casino player, there is in the form of rebate bonuses. 

This rebate/refund is only eligible to blackjack and roulette players. How it works is YouWin will credit net losses while playing those games right back to users via free play. 

In blackjack, the promo runs from Thursday at 6 pm to Friday at the same time. Net losses within that 24-hour period will be refunded at 15 percent by YouWin. The max possible payout is $200 Canadian dollars. 

Roulette losses earn the same exact match bonus and max payout. The only difference is this offer runs from 6 pm Sunday to Monday at 6 pm. 

Losses across both games can’t be combined into a bonus. The blackjack bonus applies strictly to games of 21, while the roulette bonus is on roulette spins only.  

Free funds earned will be credited to a player’s account the day after the promotion ends. Moreover, the bonus winnings are valid for only three days before they expire. 

Are There Any Other Bonuses At YouWin?

Look out for seasonal bonuses around big sporting moments — the Super Bowl, the NBA Finals, March Madness, etc. YouWin likes to roll out exclusive bonuses to coincidence with these hyped events.

As a frame of reference, YouWin offered NFL-specific deals during the football season. This included a 100-percent ”free bet” on both over/under and moneyline wagers. Any winning wagers within those bet types would be matched dollar-for-dollar by YouWin. 

Outside of that and the aforementioned deals, there’s little else offered by YouWin when it comes to bonuses. You won’t find any cryptocurrency or reload promos — two popular options at many competing sites — at YouWin currently.

That could always change, however. Be sure to gloss over YouWin’s homepage and promotions page to stay updated on what’s running at the present moment. Any new or updated deals will be reflected there.


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