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March Madness Tournament Predictions

March Madness Tournament Predictions

March Madness is approaching and the 64 team tournament is consistently the most heart pounding and exhilarating collection of games in all athletics. Who will win it all? A perennial favorite that won’t be denied or will one team catch lightning in a bottle and make history?

Here we go. We give you free of charge our 2021 March Madness tournament predictions.

NCAA 2021 March Madness Odds & Analysis

March Madness is an insanely competitive tournament that is constantly filled with upsets and heroics rarely seen in any other sports. The collegiate circuit always has incredible match-ups that see underdogs overcome the odds and take down a favorite. Is this the year a wild card is pulled out of the deck and walks into the winners' circle? Or will a top-tier program like Gonzaga or Baylor be the last team standing? 

Gonzaga +250

Gonzaga has been the team to beat this season and looking at what they've achieved in the last 10 years, it's all been very positive. Gonzaga is unbeaten this season and goes 24-0 outright. A fairly impressive season thus far, but not something unexpected as we've seen this kind of figure time and time again from the Bulldogs. They lead the nation in scoring offense and will carry this kind of scoring capability into the new season.

Baylor +275

What has stood out to us this season is the Bears' performance against the stronger teams in the league. They are 5-1 against ranked teams so far in the 2021 campaign. As well as that, they are on a winning average of 11.6 points per game and averaging 87 points per game in the offense - which is certainly enough to go all the way at March Madness. Statistically, Baylor is performing extremely well. They are top 10 in a number of the most important stats, including steals, 3-point percentage, among others. 

Michigan +290

It's very tight at the top of the odds table this year, with Michigan just behind the front two. Juwan Howard has been doing an excellent job with this squad and going 18-2 for the season is testament to the work he's done and the kinds of performances Wolverines are producing on the court. Michigan has been lingering around the top of the table for the entire season and currently sits atop of the pack. Michigan is a top-level program and will be a safe bet to go far in this years' competition.

Illinois +1000

Illinois sits fourth on the odds table this year, a bit further away from the rest of the pack. They sit second in the Big Ten, just below Michigan, and going 19-6 overall this season. They will enter March Madness coming off the back of a three-game win streak and going 15-4 in the conference. Expect to see a well-rounded team playing some of the more exciting basketball at this years' tournament.

Dark Horse Pick: Villanova +1800

Finally, we'll discuss the 2016 and 2018 title winners the Villanova Wildcats. They have been excellent in the offense this year and continue to play the kind of football we're used to seeing under coach Jay Wright - scoring from deep and looking to spread the points around the top scorers. The Wildcats have 5 players averaging over 10 points per game, while they have become more solid in defense as the season has worn on - right on time for March Madness!

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