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There have been many reports on forums and online websites about RealBet being behind on payments. Please be careful before depositing any money in this sportsbook


RealBet is relative newcomers to the online betting space. With that, they have a lot of catching up to do with more-established betting sites that have decades worth of experience.

One sure-fire way for RealBet to create some noise is to have some of the best betting site offers around. So does RealBet accomplish just that or fall way short?

Welp, that’s what this guide was made for. We’ve evaluated RealBet’s bonus and promotions offering to gauge how it stacks up against competitors. Here’s everything you need to know about RealBet’s bonus options!

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  3. 3Complete the wagering requirements
Max Bonus
Min Deposit
$ 50
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RealBet Positives
  • Fair rollover requirements
  • Can play casino games or bet on sports to clear the bonus
  • Reload bonuses available every time you re-up
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RealBet Sign Up Bonus

RealBet Welcome Bonus

There’s not a single bonus that’s more common across the online betting industry than a welcome bonus, which is also known as an introductory, sign-up, or initial deposit deal. 

Whether at RealBet or elsewhere, almost all sign-up bonuses function in the same three-step manner. Step one, create an account. Step two, fund your account with your own money. Three, you’ll be rewarded with free play.

This should not be confused with a no deposit bonus, which doesn’t require players to fund their accounts off the bat. Currently, there is no RealBet no deposit bonus to speak of.  

Turning our attention back to initial deposit bonuses, the amount of free play earned will vary greatly between betting sites. The two biggest variables that affect free play is the match percentage and max payout. Most betting sites advertise those two factors pretty heavily.

Take RealBet for instance. It’s hard to miss their welcome bonus, which is advertised readily on its homepage and other high-traffic pages. At RealBet, they’ll match every dollar deposited (so a 100-percent match) by a new signee up to $300.  

RealBet’s sign-up bonus is pretty on par with industry norms. So in other words, it’s not great, but not bad by any stretch either. It seems like $300 is the free-play sweet spot for most betting sites.

Honestly, we’d like to see more from RealBet when it comes to its welcome bonus. As a newer site with a less-than-stellar reputation, they need to go above and beyond to entice first-time players. Just doing what’s expected won’t help them cut through the noise that is online sports betting.

We’d be remiss to gloss over the fact that this bonus is truly for new signees to RealBet. It can only be claimed once, too. 

We know what you’re thinking, “what, if any, bonuses remain after exhausting this sign-up promotion or if I’m already an existing RealBet player?” If you fall into either category, this next bonus is for you.

RealBet Reload Bonus

The reload bonus works almost identical to a sign-up bonus with one big difference: you’ll earn free play on reloads or re-ups instead of just a first-time deposit. Notice we used the plural form of reload, too (more on that soon).

ReaBet’s reload bonus is pretty straight forward: they’ll match 20 percent of re-ups all the way up to $200. Therefore, to unlock the max free play possible, you’ll need to insert $1000, which is no chump change.

But as we alluded to earlier, the reload bonus can be redeemed more than once, unlike the sign-up bonus. Matter of fact, there are zero limits to reload bonus redemption. You earn every time you load more money into your betting account, simple as that.

A reload deal like RealBet’s rewards customer loyalty, which should be applauded. But there’s one more thing RealBet does to incentivize repeat players — a cashback program.

RealBet Cashback Program

RealBet’s cashback service functions, in the same manner, a loyalty program would — the more you play, the more points you earn. Points, of course, can be exchanged for free play.

You’ll earn points for every $1 wager, but it’ll differ greatly by game. Take for example a slot machine found in the RealBet casino. In return for a dollar spent there, RealBet will reward players with a whopping six points. However, a table game like blackjack will return just one point for the same dollar.

To get the full lowdown on what games earn what amount of points, take a long gander at RealBet’s terms and conditions. Here, you’ll find all the fine print regarding the cashback bonus, plus others.  

To give you an idea of how much cashback points are worth in free play, you’ll need to accumulate 7,500 points to earn $5 in free play from RealBet. Likewise, $150 in free play requires a whopping 125,000 points. 

So if you really want to maximize cashback earnings, we strongly advise building a betting strategy based on the info contained in the terms and conditions. Because chasing 125,000 points by playing solely blackjack will take you an astronomical amount of time. However, throw in 3D slot action into the equation and that playtime is cut down big time.

RealBet Casino Promotions

Complementing the RealBet sportsbook is a full-service casino. Here, you’ll find many of the Las Vegas staples bettors have come to love — blackjack, roulette, slots, and everything in between.

So what, if any, promos are available inside the RealBet casino? Well, you won’t find a traditional casino sign-up bonus as competitors offer. These function exactly like regular welcome promos, however, the free play earned is for exclusive use in the casino.

RealBet is a rare example where free play from its sign-up bonus can be cross-played in both the sportsbook and casino. Wagers on either platform will go toward meeting the beatable rollover requirement.

If you’re looking for casino-specific deals, you’ll have to settle for tournaments. Thankfully, there’s an abundance of tourneys inside the RealBet casino.

RealBet has been known to run daily tournaments on blackjack and poker. Other games can enter the fold, as well, but those two games seem to be regulars. Tourneys can be joined with a real-money buy-in or completely free of cost.

The latter option is on the unique side because even though there’s no buy-in, prizes for top players return real money — either cash or free play form. Very few competing betting sites offer this, which is a big plus for RealBet.

Prizes are typically shared between the top players. It’s rarely a winner-take-all system so your chances of cashing out are increased with multiple winners.

To get a glimpse of the RealBet tournament schedule, head over to its casino section. If there’s an event upcoming or one currently running, RealBet will make it loud and clear. From here, you can pick and choose what tournament is suited for you.   

RealBet Refer-A-Friend Bonus

Telling friends and family about RealBet pays off in big ways, too. For every referral to RealBet, you can earn up to $300 in free play right back.

RealBet will match 25 percent of a referral’s first-ever deposit into the betting site. Thus, to net the max $300, that referral needs to insert $1200 upon sign up.

The best aspect of RealBet’s refer-a-friend bonus is there’s no cap on how many times it can be redeemed. Conceivably, you can claim this bonus for as long as RealBet is around. So go ahead and spread the word about RealBet to friends and family.