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Deposit and cash out methods


There have been many reports on forums and online websites about RealBet being behind on payments. Please be careful before depositing any money in this sportsbook

If you’re an online betting site that’s launched in the past five years or so, you’re in a tough spot. Online gambling is a notoriously hard industry to crack thanks to heavy competition and deep-rooted customer loyalties. RealBet, opening just in 2015, find themselves in this not-so-easy scenario. 

So what’s to make out of RealBet? Are they worth your time or just another betting site? We spent an ample amount of time playing on RealBet eu and browsing through customer reviews to help answer those two questions, plus more.

Our RealBet review pulls no punches. After playing on some of the best online sportsbook, here’s how we think RealBet fares in comparison.

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RealBet Sportsbook Bonus Review
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RealBet Complaints

A quick Google search will reveal a multitude of RealBet complaints from players, which is never a good sign.

Most user complaints, if not all, pertain to payouts. Customers allege that either RealBet paid them out months after they’d requested or worse, never paid at all.

Once an online sportsbook’s reputation gets smeared due to untrustworthiness, it’s hard to get it back in good graces. It can take years to recover and that’s where RealBet finds itself.

Our advice is to take extreme precaution when betting at RealBet. Insert a small amount and only up the stakes if RealBet pays you out in a timely manner.

If they don’t, then it’s best to just cut your losses and move on to a different betting site. There’s plenty of good suitors out there — with the best online betting sites offers — that’d love your services.

RealBet Payment Options

It’s no secret online bettors love variety — in bets offered, casino games available, and in payment options, just to name a few. RealBet provides that variety (and then some) in the first two examples, but certainly not the last.  

Get this, there’s only one way to send money into RealBet and one way to take out. One! Ultimately, this lack of options is what brings down our RealBet sportsbook review. 

How To Deposit Money Into RealBet

If you don’t own a debit or credit card then you’re out of luck when it comes to depositing money into RealBet. That method is all that’s currently accepted at RealBet. 

Moreover, it can’t just be any card, it must be either VISA or Mastercard. No Chase, no American Express, no Discover, or anything else. 

Even if you do own a VISA or Mastercard, you’ll be handcuffed with RealBet’s deposit limits. We don’t have issues with the minimum deposit of $50, which is fine and dandy. However, the max allowed is just $1000, which is turn off to more high-stakes players. 

The only semi-positive is the transaction is “free.” We use quotation marks because while RealBet might not charge you directly, you’ll most likely take a hit from the card issuer. 

Fees will come in one of two ways (if not both). A debit card transaction will be docked with a foreign transaction fee since RealBet is run offshore. If depositing through credit card, expect the same surcharge plus an added “cash advance” fee. 

We can’t help but be dumbfounded that debit/credit card is the lone deposit option at RealBet. Not offering popular methods such as eCheck, cryptocurrency, or bank wire — like so many of its competitors — is a huge misfire on the part of RealBet.   

How To Withdraw Money From RealBet

The same aforementioned issues persist when cashing out at RealBet, but the problems actually may be worse here. 

Money can be taken out solely via check — the physical paper format kind, not electronic check. Again, the lack of options is bad enough, but our bigger gripe is the processing time and fees associated with cashing out through check. 

It can take anywhere from 10 to 20 business days before that check hits your front doorstep (your home address is the big variable in this). It’s no secret that bettors aren’t the most patient type and to force them to wait two to four weeks to get paid out? Yeah, that’s not going to go over well whatsoever.

A check can also be costly. While RealBet allows one free cashout every 30 days, anything after that will cost you a pretty penny. Every additional withdrawal request comes with a flat $50 fee. 

Making matters worse is the max withdrawal allowed per check is $2000. That will probably suit most bettors’ needs, but not the ones who just won big. If you had a hot streak at the sportsbook or hit a huge jackpot in a slot machine, you won’t be able to withdraw those winnings in one fell swoop. 

All in all, RealBet’s payment options are overly frustrating — when they really shouldn’t be. Compared to competitors, RealBet falls really short in this department. 

Betting Sports At RealBet 

While options are lacking when it comes to depositing and withdrawing on RealBet, the same issues don’t carry over into actual sports betting, thankfully.

Gander through the RealBet sportsbook and you’ll find a good amount of betting coverage. American sports bettors will get their fix of NFL, NBA, and MLB betting. International-minded gamblers will find an abundance of soccer, tennis, and golf odds. Heck, even the obscure event bettors — think US presidential election or Academy Award winner — will find what they need at RealBet.

Not only will you find a fair amount of variety of sports and leagues inside the RealBet sportsbook, so too will you find various betting scenarios. Beyond your typical spreads and over/under point totals — which should be givens at any online sportsbook — RealBet also offers a good mix of futures and props.

RealBet also joins a growing list of betting sites with a live betting feature, too. It can be accessed under the “live scores” menu. Not every event across the sportsbook will have in-play wagering ability, however, you can expect it on the hyped matchups in the more popular leagues. 

Though, we do have to knock RealBet for its betting limits. Most events require a $5 minimum. No issues there. However, the max bet they’ll take on some events is barely $2000. It will vary between the sport and bet type, but some are capped even lower at $1000.

We used the term “handcuffed” earlier to sum up RealBet’s payment restrictions and again, we get that same feeling here. With such stingy limits, it’s obvious RealBet doesn’t want the “high roller” type of bettor to wager here. If you consider yourself one of those, perhaps you should look outside of RealBet.  

Playing Casino Games At RealBet

As you’d come to expect from any betting site nowadays, RealBet has a casino to complement its sportsbook offering. It’s not hard to realize the RealBet casino is an afterthought to the sportsbook. However, that’s not a unique issue to RealBet. Rather, it’s become an industry norm.

Anyway, RealBet’s casino’s selection of games is good, not great. Where RealBet shines is in its 3D slots offering. BetSoft software powers about 40 or so of these games, which rival the ones you’d see in a Las Vegas-style casino. 

We’d like to see a little more table game variants from RealBet, however. They do offer basic versions of blackjack, poker, and roulette. However, they can become monotonous quickly — which isn’t RealBet’s fault by any means. But an easy solution would be to have a multitude of versions of saying blackjack to fall back on, which doesn’t presently exist.

Also, don’t expect to find a poker room or bingo section at RealBet. The lack of poker feels like a miss on RealBet’s behalf because it’s so common at competing sites.

With that, our RealBet review is a wrap. While there are a few pros to the website, the site’s cons far outweigh it. We wouldn’t recommend betting at RealBet, certainly not over other more-established and trustworthy betting sites.