Investing in the Atlanta Hawks as a gambling play is different nowadays. They are no longer the 60-win juggernaut from last season. Their regular season games are more of a mystery. Their conference and championship odds are a longer shot. Their future is a immersed in uncertainty. That puts you, the bettor, in a precarious situation, where you’ll need to be extra mindful and studious of which types of wagers you’re laying down in their favor or against them. But there is still money to be made when betting with the Hawks. [+]

For all their faults and foibles, they remain one of the East’s five best teams. What’s more, the odd descent of the Cleveland Cavaliers could actually make the Hawks’ future odds, such as championship and conference gambles, more appealing.

The Cavaliers are still the ultimate Eastern Conference favorites. That was true even when the Hawks were winning a lot more than they are now.

Still, LeBron James’ crew is struggling. And if for some reason this is the year they fall off in the postseason, there are only a select few teams with the chops to beat them.

The Hawks remain one of those teams. They’re in direct competition with the Boston Celtics, Toronto Raptors and Miami Heat for that space behind Cleveland.

None of which is to suggest the Cavaliers are about to implode. But if you’re looking for a non-Cleveland conference play, make sure Atlanta is at least on your radar.

Who Do The Atlanta Hawks Play Next

This is a look at Hawks’ next game. It gives you everything you need to adequately plan for game day. Check the spreads, moneylines, overs and unders, and then use those numbers to decide what research you’ll do next. [+]

Is the spread too hard for Atlanta to cover? Is the over/under unfair given their opponent? Are they an underdog worthy of a moneyline play? Basically, this is the place where you should start each game day.

My Team's Next MatchAtlanta Hawks

Atlanta Hawks Game Schedule

Here’s the Hawk’s entire schedule at a glance. Use it to plan some of your wagers ahead, even though you won’t have the spreads, moneylines, over and unders for every game. [+]

You at the very least have access to the types of opponents they’re playing, making it easier to decide whether the Hawks have an edge.

There are a few kinds of opponents that make the Hawks super attractive plays. Terrible teams are obviously right there—squads with bad offenses and defenses. Atlanta can rip them apart.

Bad offensive teams with great defenses are also a good play. The Hawks offense isn’t what it was, and that, coupled with their own defense, makes moneylines and unders a good bet in these situations.

This schedule also gives you a chance to see how they’ve fared against certain opponents and specific lines in the past, offering you an idea of what bets will and won’t be relatively sound investments.

Results / FixturesAtlanta Hawks

Atlanta Hawks Standings Today

Our peak at the Hawks’ place inside the Eastern Conference should be a part of your daily betting routine. It allows you to see how they measure up to every other conference foe. [+]

It gives some insight into the East’s playoff pecking order—all in one convenient, easy to read to location. So don’t let this information go to waste!

StandingsAtlanta Hawks

How To Make Money Betting On Atlanta Hawks

When considering Hawks futures, also consider waiting to consider them. A tongue twister, right? It's a necessary one, though. Just as you couldn't predict the 60-win Hawks too far in advance, you couldn't predict their regression on all fronts this season. You cannot predict them too far in advance, period. Their dynamic, while promising, is also subject to a lot of change.

Last summer, for example, you would have used the Hawks' offense as a baseline for betting the over or under on win totals or even their conference and championship chances. But they instead turned into a defensively reliant team that's equipped to win fewer games because their points prevention prowess isn't paired with a dangerous offense. Had you waited until the middle of this season to figure out the Hawks' identity, you would have been better informed to know that the under on their win total is good bet, while their conference odds, not their championship chances, are the real big picture appeal.

Assume this stance as the Hawks enter another offseason. Steer clear of any big picture futures, i.e. championship and conference chances. Don't even consider investing in those until the Hawks prove they're worth your money next season.

The same goes for the over/under on their win total. Al Horford and Kent Bazemore are speeding toward free agency. Both could leave, weakening the Hawks' standing in the East and in the league overall. They could also trade Jeff Teague, who has been making regular appearances in trade rumors. Kyle Korver will be another year older. There are just too many variables to consider.

As the Hawks inch closer to the 2016-17 regular season, it does become slightly more acceptable to bet the over/under win totals. Around, say, August or September, you'll have a hold on what their roster will look like and how they should play. You can use that makeup to make win total bets if you're so inclined.

But the official reccomendation is to wait. Midseason championship, conference and win total odds won't be as lavish as offseason lines, but they are more winnable in general. And that's the point of betting at all: to give yourself the best possible chance to win.

Hawks Shine On The Defensive Side Of The Ball

Unlike last season, the Hawks are not using offense as their identity. They are a defensive team through and through, and a damn good one. Under plays are always good for these types of teams. The Hawks are an anomaly, because they play at a faster pace than most really good defensive teams, which can lead to overs by default, since they're generating more possessions and, thus, more scoring opportunities. But, in this case, unders are still the way to go.

Indeed, the Hawks' own offense may play fast. But they're extremely inefficient. They aren't scoring anywhere near as much per 100 possessions as they did last season.

So even with those extra possessions, they're not destroying the over department. Anytime you get a top notch defense mixed with a suboptimal offense, the under is your friend.