Welcome to one of the NBA’s most dangerous territories: Betting on the Washington Wizards Lane. After a strong finish to 2014-15, the Wizards were supposed to make a leap, entering the conversation for one of the Eastern Conference’s top two squads, in addition to dominating the Kevin Durant discussion of free agency. They have done none of that and are instead among the most difficult betting plays in the league. It’s possible the Wizards turn things around before the season is lost to an unexpected lottery berth. [+]

They would be a tough out for anyone, including the Cleveland Cavaliers, once the playoffs are underway.

But you can’t do anything substantial with them, in regard to futures and even individual game lines, until they prove they’re more than a glorified roller coaster.

With no on-court identity of which to speak outside of John Wall, this is just a stretch of futility you’ll have to ride out, as the Wizards try to regain their gambling intrigue. 

Who Do The Washington Wizards Play Next

For those brave enough to bet on the Wizards daily or on a semi-regular basis, this is where you’ll find their next opponent. Check out the moneylines, spreads, overs and unders, then use those numbers to decide how you’ll research the Wizards’ opponent.

My Team's Next MatchWashington Wizards

Washington Wizards Game Schedule

Here’s a look at the Wizards’ entire schedule. Viewing this frequently will help you plan ahead, singling out games that you believe to be solid betting plays. [+]

The necessary lines won’t be available too far in advance, but you will be able to look at the matchup itself, making it easier on yourself when game day rolls around. Try also using this schedule as a means of learning from the past. 

Looking back at past games and performances will let you know the opponents that the Wizards struggle most against. When available, you’ll even be able to see how they fared versus specific moneylines, spreads and over/under lines.

Results / FixturesWashington Wizards

Washington Wizards Standings Today

Remaining aware of where every team falls in the standings is important. But it’s triply pivotal for the Wizards, who are fighting for their playoff lives and could be changing positions daily.

StandingsWashington Wizards

Don't Be Surprised If the Wizards Are Prepping for a Long Term Decline

It seems ridiculous to entertain after the strides that the Wizards have made over the last few years. But you might find yourself needing to avoid them in the betting sphere for a while.

Right now, they are of little to no use. Bet on them in the rare instances that you're sure. But given their fragile state, they're not worth being part of your regular wagering routine. 

That won't change if they miss the playoffs. And if they do, in fact, miss the postseason, there's a chance they enter a years long slump, during which they won't be viable futures or daily game betting plays. Free agency will determine a lot of what happens. The Wizards will need a contigency plan in the more than likely event Durant stays in Oklahoma City or signs elsewhere. And if they aren't able to improve the team beyond retaining Bradley Beal, a restricted free agent, they'll once again find themselves in iffy territory next season.

And that could last for a while. Washington hasn't yet shown it's a free agent hot spot, and the Wizards won't be looking at any super high draft picks with Wall carrying them to mediocre victory totals. Entering this downward spiral is tough to reverse, as squads get pigeonholed to these labels that directly impact their offseason appeal to outside talent.

For the Wizards' sake, no matter what happens this year, they need to have a big and productive offseason. They may only be one player away from becoming a legitimate conference or championship future wager. Likewise, that also means they're a heartbeat away from forging an identity and becoming that day to day play once more.

But until they get that player, until they make those changes, they now ferry the burden of proof—a cross they'll bear through at least this summer.

How To Make Money Betting On The Washington Wizards

Steer entirely clear of over and under plays in games that the Wizards take part in. They are equally disappointing and unpredictable on both ends of the floor, which makes determining whether or not they're prime to go off or lay an egg absolutely impossible.

Lacking that identity also means it won't do much to evaluate these over and under bets against the Wizards' opponents.

Yes, most foes will have a more discernible betting pattern. But you need to have some kind of a hold on both participants to bet overs and unders. 

The Wizards are the rare team that is neither good enough nor bad enough on either end of the floor for you to invest heavily and consistently in the over or under.

Focus on playing moneylines and spreads instead.