Only a couple of years ago, the Indiana Pacers helped headline the Eastern Conference. They were the LeBron James-led Miami Heat’s greatest rival, the only team that could hope to dethrone South Beach’s titan. They never did, of course, but the point stood: They were a team to be reckoned with. But that’s all changed this side of Paul George’s leg injury. The Pacers are in the early stages of a stylistic overhaul and no longer the intriguing betting plays that they once were. Gambling on their individual games is fine, as it is for most other teams. [+]

The Pacers have a strong defense to complement their developing, oft-terrible offense. That keeps them in games.

But conference odds and championship futures are a no go. They aren’t anywhere near that level anymore. Investing in their ability to win a title or the East would be a gross missue of funds.

Even win total bets are discouraged. That’s a dangerous game to play within the middle of the Eastern Conference, where so many teams are on even ground.

Unless a team is really bad or really good, so that there is some visible separation between them and the field, there’s no point in guessing what you can’t guess. The Pacers have meandered into that territory.


Who Do The Indiana Pacers Play Next

Move down below to check out the Pacers’ next game. Everything you need is right here to start the individual game betting process. Find out the moneylines, spreads, overs and unders, then use that perspective to shape your research. For example, are the Pacers built to cover the spread against Team A? How about the over/under versus Team B? Approaching your research in this way will ensure you make the best possible decision.

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Indiana Pacers Game Schedule

Frequently look at the Pacers’ entire schedule. It offers a wealth of information. By looking at future games on the docket, you can start to map out some potential wagers in advance. [+]

Even if the exact spreads, moneylines, overs and unders aren’t available, you’re able to compare and contrast rosters and play styles, which makes placing an actual bet when the lines come out insanely easy.

One of the understated uses of entire schedules is its inclusion of past games.

Sifting through the Pacers’ previous matchups will alert you to how they play in certain situations, and you can bet accordingly.

How have they played at home? What about on the road? Are they in the middle of a losing streak? A winning streak? How did the matchup with Team A go the first time around?

Answering those questions gives you an inherent edge over whatever bet you plan on making for future games.

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Indiana Pacers Standings Today

Repeated looks at the standings are key for fringe playoff teams like the Pacers. Their position in the Eastern Conference can change almost daily, and you need to stay on top of this. [+]

This doesn’t only tell you whether they’ll make the playoffs, but it informs you of who they could face in the first round if they do make the postseason. Playoff success is all about matchups, so having that intel can, and should, play a big part of how you’ll bet during postseason play. 

StandingsIndiana Pacers

Clarity on the Pacers' Future is Coming

Unfortunately, there is no timeline for when it'll be a good idea to resume betting on the Pacers' future. But that timeline itself should be coming soon.

Myles Turner has impressed as a rookie, and Paul George is already back to basically normal after breaking his leg. The Pacers have their foundation of the future in place. Now it's a matter of finding talent to complement that foundation.

Free agency is how they'll have to do this. George is too good for the Pacers to land high draft picks, and with the salary cap rising, the Pacers need to get some high impact talent in their clutches. The problem? Indiana isn't your typical free agent destination. Having George in tow helps sell prospective targets, but there's not much else. Players won't be smitten with the idea of playing beside George Hill, Monta Ellis or Turner himself—at least not yet.

So once again, as is the case with many middling teams, this is a waiting game. The Pacers are only invidiual contest plays until they assemble what looks like a leigitmate conference and championshp contender. Whenever that does happen, it's always preferable that you wait some more, to make sure what the Pacers have in place is working. But this team is at least different in that way. They will always have a strong defense. Head coach Frank Vogel has shown he can cater to any sort of personel and any style. So if you notice that the Pacers stocked their roster with offensive talent, it's reasonable to assume they're on course for imminent transformation.

In that case alone, you're free to up the ante all over the place. Championship futures are to be approached with extreme caution until one or both of the Golden State Warriors and San Antonio Spurs fall off, but the over/under on win totals and Eastern Conference odds become acceptable investments–so long as you're sure the Pacers' roster has made the necessary offensive leap.

How To Make Money Betting On Indiana Pacers

Take notice of the under when it comes to the Pacers. Their defense is that good, their offense that inconsistent. 

Like always, there are certain opponents you should favor over others.

The best matchups include strong defensive teams that are weak on offense, as well as any opponent who doesn't play with much pace.

Slower teams limit their own possessions by default. And the fewer possessions you have, the fewer opportunities there will be to score.

Pit that snail-like pace against a strong defensive unit like the Pacers, and the score won't be run up on most occasions. Thus, the under becomes especially attractive.