The Charlotte Hornets are, for the time being, a must-add to your NBA betting rotation. They have finally escaped the lower rung of mediocirty, situating themselves on the cusp of something special. Their offense is more modern, their defense still stingy. Though there are plenty of teams ahead of them in the Eastern Conference’s pecking order, they still rank as one of the most dangerous daily plays, and they might even end up holding some postseason betting swag. Admittedly, the Hornets won’t enter any playoff series as a favorite. [+]

It doesn’t matter if it’s the first round, second round or the Eastern Conference Finals.

As a likely sixth seed, they won’t have home court advantage, and every opponent in front of them is, on paper, the superior basketball product.

That includes the Atlanta Hawks, Boston Celtics, Cleveland Cavaliers, Miami Heat and Toronto Raptors. At the same time, with the exception of Cleveland, there isn’t one team the Hornets absolutely cannot beat.

Definitely keep that at the front of your mind as you prepare to bet on the NBA playoffs. For any round that doesn’t pit the Hornets against the Cavaliers, you’ll want to consider laying down money on Charlotte to win a series

Who Do The Charlotte Hornets Play Next

Have a gander at the Hornets’ next game. This widget will give you all the pertinent moneylines, spreads, overs and unders. Once you see these numbers, you’ll be able to review Charlotte’s latest matchup against them. Decide whether it’s worth betting for or against them in either of these three categories, and then you’ll be ready to place your wager.

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Charlotte Hornets Game Schedule

Take in the entire Hornets schedule. Look ahead to get a jump start on some future wagers. The absence of concrete lines will prevent you from making any definitive decisions, but you can still unearth opponents you feel will make for worthy betting partners with the Hornets. [+]

Furthermore, remember to explore the Hornets’ past matchups. Review who they’ve beaten and lost to. See how they perform at home and on the road.

Check out how they fare versus losing teams and winnings teams. Find out which spreads they’ve covered and missed. Monitor for any potential losing streaks and winnings streaks.

Pay attention to their efforts against the Eastern Conference versus the Western Conference. Try figuring out what types of opponets help them hit the over or under.

All of those things can be determined just by looking back to previous matchups, which subsequently makes betting on future tilts a patented breeze.

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Charlotte Hornets Standings Today

Stay on top of the Hornets’ place within the Eastern Conference standings. Their playoff position is very fluid, so you’ll want to check back often. [+]

This will show you any potential first-round playoff opponents. And by keeping track of their possible opponents, you’ll know how to structure your bets when the playoffs actually roll around.

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Hornets Only Guaranteed Short-Term Success

Unlike many other teams that make the leap from middle-of-the-pack pretender to legitimate threat, the Hornets' rise may be short lived. So while they're strong individual game and playoff round bets now, that may not be the case as early as next season.

Nicolas Batum is a free agent. So, too, is Marvin Williams. And Al Jefferson. And Jeremy Lin. And Courtney Lee. The Hornets won't be able to afford all of them. Quite literally, they might. The salary cap is going up and owner Michael Jordan has been unafraid to spend on talented players in recent years. But in terms of remaining an Eastern Conference contender and improving the roster, the Hornets cannot afford to retain them all. Reinvesting in this core is committing to this season's end result, which, while promising, is still only a sixth-seeded, sub-50 win playoff bid. 

Expect the Hornets, then, to try to keep Batum and Lin, and then go from there. If they're able to bring in some additional talent, either through free agency or the draft, they remain betting staples. This time, though, you'll want to get in on the ground floor of their futures. Invest small sums in their division and conference odds. The Southeast Division could be wide open if the Hawks and/or Heat don't have big offseasons, and the Cavaliers' reign over the rest of the East is no longer guaranteed—especially if squads like the Hornets tack on two or three solid rotation players to what are already postseason cores.

Should the Hornets lose a bunch of players to other teams in free agency or decide to stand entirely pat, distant yourself from these futures. Not even win total wagers will be safe, since sportsbooks will likely use this season's success to justify victory sums that seem obtainable yet super high at the same time. Division and conference odds, meanwhile, will need to be completely removed from consideration. That's the downside of keeping this nucleus intact without making any substantial or positive changes: It has already peaked. This is as good as it gets, which still isn't enought to enter division, conference or championship conversations.

Almost needless to say, the Hornets have a lot riding on this offseason. Get a feel for the changes they've made before investing in any futures, but also try to be swift in your thorough analysis, so that if and when the Hornets make a leap via free agency and trades, you'll be ready to strike before sportsbooks rejigger division, conference and win total odds.

How To Make Money Betting On Charlotte Hornets

Trust in the Hornets' offense. Their defense has been mostly good under head coach under Steve Clifford, but as you look toward the playoffs, it can be difficult to have faith in an offense that was terrible or mediocre for so long. 

But the Hornets are different now. They run four out and five out lineups. They play a little faster. They shoot more threes. Kemba Walker has improved his jumper.

Marvin Williams is the ideal stretch 4. Frank Kaminsky forces opposing centers to defend the perimeter. Jeremy Lin gives the Hornets a legit backup point man. Nicolas Batum is one of the most versatile scorers alive.

What you've seen thus far from the Hornets' offense isn't a mirage. It's the new normal. And that's why they're such an intriguing first round playoff bet.

Certain sportsbooks let you bet on the outcome of a particular series. The Hornets' odds in Round 1 should be fairly lucrative, as they won't be the favorites.

Lining up against the Cavaliers wouldn't be ideal for them, but everyone else, from the Hawks and Heat, to the Celtics and Raptors, isn't a matchup issue.


This doesn't mean you should, without question, throw money on the Hornets' first round chances. It's just to say that, if you're looking for a long shot postseason play, Charlotte is your team.