Those hoping the New York Knicks would emerge as consistent betting plays under team president Phil Jackson should be sorely disappointmented. Despite the meteoric rise of rookie Kristaps Porzingis, they have been one of the worst teams in the league. They started off the 2015-16 season hot, flirting with playoff contention, but regressed in a big way, failing to establish an identity on either offense or defense. That makes them a maddening betting option on every front. Single games might actually be the worst. [+]

There’s no telling what version of the Knicks you’ll be getting on a given night. It could be the playoff-esque Knicks, or it could be the Philadelphia 76ers-esque Knicks. And that stark of a contrast makes it impossible to trust in moneylines, spreads, overs or unders.

And don’t even get started on offseason or midseason futures. Investing in the win totals department is beyond unnecessary, because the Knicks have the roster of an above-.500 squad, but the execution of a tanker.

Divsion, conference and championship bets, meanwhile, serve no purpose at this point—you know, for people who don’t want to lose their money.

Who Do The New York Knicks Play Next

Check out the Knicks’ next game and opponent. As soon as you collect the moneylines, spreads and over/under numbers, use them to grade New York against its rival team. [+]

Can the Knicks cover the spread? Is this an over or under type game? Are they going to outright win? That’s the approach to take.

My Team's Next MatchNew York Knicks

New York Knicks Game Schedule

Over here is where we give you the entire Knicks schedule. Test out planning your bets ahead by looking at forthcoming games. Since the exact lines won’t be available until game day or the night before, you’re merely looking for opponents against which the Knicks have the edge. [+]

Look for playing style or outright moneyline plays. Once you determine how much better, or worse, New York is than its opponent, you’ll be able to make a reflexive decision when the official lines are released.

These schedules allow you to learn from the past as well. Dig through the Knicks’ previous outings against upcoming matchups. Find out how well or poorly they performed.

See how they’re playing at home and on the road, against winning teams and losing, on the front end of back to backs or the tail end of back to backs. 

The more information you digest, remember, the stronger your bet will be.

Results / FixturesNew York Knicks

New York Knicks Standings Today

Use these standings to see where the Knicks lie within the Eastern Conference. They won’t do much for you this season, as the Knicks are eliminated from playoff contention and don’t own their own draft pick, rendering all postseason and lottery odds moot. [+]

But, moving forward, you can monitor both of those pursuits and, assuming you’re bold enough, structure your futures accordingly.

StandingsNew York Knicks

A Telling Summer Awaits the Knicks

It has a become almost a cliche to tie betting livelihoods to the Knicks' offseason happenings, but that doesn't make doing so any less effective. New York's summer will, in fact, play a pivotal part in shaping their roster for years to come.

Everything begins and ends with Carmelo Anthony and his no-trade clause. Approaching his 32nd birthday, he appears out of place on a rebuilding Knicks squad. His title window is swiftly closing, and his prime will never intersect with that of Porzingis. 

But he is nevertheless a superstar, one who is already in New York and wants to stay in New York. He can help sell free agents on playing in the Big Apple. He can be the tactical to draw to players who just aren't yet seduced by the developing Porzingis. He's even valuable to Porzingis himself. He has taken the 7'3" rookie under his wing, and Porzingis looks up to him. He makes life easier on New York's cornerstone, in that he still draws the ire of defenses, freeing Porzingis up for spot-up looks from behind the arc and dives within pick-and-rolls. That impact cannot be underestimated. Porzingis' development doesn't unfurl as rapidly without Anthony shouldering so much of the offensive burden himself.

If Anthony asks for a trade from the Knicks, it means this dynamic has crumbled. The team won't have landed any big name free agents, and they'll be gearing up for yet another transition year, eliminating them from any gambling futures.

If Anthony sticks around, it's most likely because the Knicks have substantially upgraded the roster, acquiring multiple impact players. Unless one of those players is Kevin Durant, you'll still want to pass on championship futures. But if the roster is talented enough to keep Anthony in New York, engaged, beside Kristaps Porzingis, it's safe to resume betting on division, conference and win total futures. 

How To Make Money Betting On New York Knicks

Now, while the Knicks are not the safest of game by game plays, there can, at times, be real value in pegging them as frequent under bets. Not only is their offense lackluster in its point-piling potential, but they run a painfully slow paced system that doesn't create much transition opportunities or extra possessions. That drives down the scoring totals by default.

Those scoring totals sink even further down whent he Knicks play a similar squad. Any team that's slow, doesn't boast an efficient offense or fits both bills makes betting the under that much more appealing.

The issue, though, is the Knicks' defense can make any offense, however cruddy, look elite. You'll want to be calculated in these under wagers, then.

If the opponent in question has torched unimpressive defenses in the past, you'll know to stay away. If they're a points strapped offense through and through, you'll know the under remains a worthy option.