Nothing about the current state of the Chicago Bulls is good for sportsbettors. They were supposed to be one of the Cleveland Cavaliers’ foremost challengers in the Eastern Conference for years to come. Instead, they’re a collective disaster on the court, struggling to forge chemistry on both offense and defense. They are not a good daily game play, and there is no point investing in their playoff, conference or championship odds. Why, you ask? Because they aren’t a playoff team anymore. [+]

Even if by some miracle the Bulls sneak into the postseason, a long shot in itself, they’ll be guaranteed a first-round exit at the hands of the Cavaliers.

Earlier in the year, even with the Bulls’ struggles, it seemed as if they would be a tough out for anyone they faced, including those same Cavaliers. But that optimism has been stamped out.

Jimmy Butler is banged up; Derrick Rose is hot and cold and likewise banged up; Joakim Noah is done for the season; and Nikola Mirotic is among the most inconsistent players in the NBA.

Avoiding any major bets on the Bulls is smart. Betting against them, in the right situations, is equally smart. They are not a team that should be counted on to beat superior squads or even perceived equals.

Who Do The Chicago Bulls Play Next

This is the Bulls’ next opponet. As soon as you take in the moneylines, spreads, overs and unders, do your necessary research. See if the Bulls stand a chance of beating their rival or covering the side of the spread that they’re on. After that, place your bet. Do so as quickly as possible. The lines on Bulls games typically move in the wrong direction, as Chicago is banged up and underachieving, making the team a popular betting play for those keen on riding the opposite direction of extended slumps.

My Team's Next MatchChicago Bulls

Chicago Bulls Game Schedule

Circling back to the Bulls’ regular season schedule is a shrewd move. Committed bettors will try planning ahead, even without available lines. Suss out games that deserve your attention. [+]

Better still, you have the ability to look back at the Bulls’ past matchups. See which teams they’ve struggled against and which squads they’ve kept pace with or outright destroyed. This will make betting on that same matchup when it comes around again super duper easy.

Results / FixturesChicago Bulls

Chicago Bulls Standings Today

For those still holding out hope that the Bulls can make the playoffs, these standings are for you. You can see how many games separate the Bulls from the East’s playoff bubble, which in turn allows you decide if they’re worthy of any postseason futures. [+]

As stated above, they most definitely aren’t worth playoff futures now. But in terms of scoping out their potential playoff path in the event they do make the cut, yes, these standings are beyond valuable.

StandingsChicago Bulls

The Bulls Are Going to Have a Wild Summer

All of this uncertainty does not bode well for the Bulls' summer, nor is it a good sign for their betting odds thereafter. While they could keep the core of this team intact, run it back next season and hope an additional year together solves everything, standing pat remains an unlikely course of action.

The Bulls showed that they were prepared to start anew when they canned Tom Thibodeau in favor of Fred Hoiberg last summer. Employing a rookie head coach, who will be a sophomore sideline wanderer next season, demands that you be open to rebuilding.

Yes, rebuilding.

Even though the Bulls handed Butler a max contract last year, he is young enough to headline a transition period. The Bulls could look to offload veterans such as Mike Dunleavy and Taj Gibson, and they can easily cut bait with Pau Gasol and Noah, both of whom are slated for unrestricted free agency.

Not to say anyone is particularly safe. The Bulls could trade Butler if they're really looking to build around Hoiberg's ideology, for which Butler isn't perfectly fit. Rose is certaintly someone they could get rid of immediately if there's a team that's willing to absorb what's left on his deal.

Indeed, the salary cap jump changes things. The Bulls could double down on the the current roster, re-signing some key players while adding a few others. 

Either way, you'll want to keep win totals, conference odds and championship chances on the backburner until midway through next season, when it's clear who the Bulls are as a team. If they add a ton of talent, to the point where you just know they'll be good, it's accepable to take some chances on the over/under win plays, and maybe even the conference odds. But the Bulls need to earn your championship futures, and they can't do that for at least another year.

How To Make Money Betting On Chicago Bulls

If you find yourself in a position where you have to absolutely bet on the Bulls, the under is a strong play. The Bulls are a pretty bad, if awful, offensive team and aren't going to hang a ton of points on their opponents to begin with. Their shaky defense does add some risk to the equation, but the pace at which they play favors low scoring contests anyway.

There is, admittedly, no ideal candidate for the Bulls to play in this situation. That, again, is a testament to how ridiculously terrible Chicago has been. 

But any time the Bulls go up against slower paced teams that aren't known for their offensive potency, such as the Utah Jazz, gravitate even further toward the under.

Huge bets aren't recommended in this instance—or any instance including the Bulls. Save the large wagers for more consistent, high profile performers.

As far as a betting guideline for the Bulls goes, though, leaning toward the under is as good as it gets.