Sportsbooks That Take ClickandBuy

Sportsbooks That Take ClickandBuy
  • ClickandBuy was recently discontinued
  • Still honors some active accounts

ClickandBuy Friendly Sportsbooks


Utilizing your ClickandBuy eWallet account used to be easy. Unfortunately ClickandBuy has since been discontinued and is no longer accepted as a deposit method.  [+]

The more you are accustomed to betting with a particular site, the more likely you are to be free of errors when you place your wager.




ClickandBuy is an eWallet online commerce system that is very similiar to other outlets online that can be loaded up with funds from bank accounts or prepaid cards. ClickandBuy was founded in 1999 and has since been discontinued. [+]

It used to operate in conjunction with your bank cards or other forms of payment.  


How To Use ClickandBuy

An eWallet payment option like ClickandBuyhas a number of advantages. ClickandBuy was discontinued earlier in 2016, but some casinos & sports books still honor the payment. New accounts cannot be setup established as no sites still offer ClickandBuy services.