Sportsbooks That Take Visa

Sportsbooks That Take Visa
  • Unrivaled convenience & security
  • High acceptance rates
  • Deposits are instant

Visa Friendly Sportsbooks


It’s true what they say about Visa. It’s definitely everywhere you want it to be. Not many credit cards are as widely accepted as Visa. It isn’t surprising either as, according to Visa’s 2009 year-end reports, over 270 million Visa credit cards and 382 million Visa debit cards, in the hands of US citizens alone. [+]

Visa is one of the most secure and accepted payment options for sports betting industry worldwide. While a limited few online betting sites can’t actually process Visa credit cards, close to 100% of them will accept prepaid Visa gift cards. This is a secure option, for sports wagering account funding, as it limits the amount of personal information bettors need to provide. That being said, most online betting websites use offshore payment processors. That means Visa is virtually everywhere you want to be. Open a sports betting account using a Visa payment option today!


Visa is everywhere you want to be, including all of the websites on our Top 25 list of respected online sportsbooks. While many of them will take your Visa credit card number directly over the phone, they all accept Visa related gift and debit cards.  [+]

Though certain governments have gone to great lengths to curtail the use of Visa, as a means of online betting account funding, sports bettors can rest assured that this is a sportsbook payment option that is here to stay.