Sportsbooks That Take Money Order

Sportsbooks That Take Money Order
  • Personalized for Each User
  • More Trusted than a Check
  • Tracking Wagers Made Easy

Money Order Friendly Sportsbooks

Make sure to brush up on the nuances of each partner in the table below to find the best fit. Below you will find the different sportsbooks that take money order. 



Money orders are a type of payment order for a pre-specified amount. Money orders have been around since the late 1700’s and are thought of as a more reliable form of payment than regular checks. Money orders have a limited face value ($1,000,000 for example in the United States) which can cut back on money laundering. [+]

When using a money order, make sure you communicate with your bank so you can get an order from a company like Western Union or another verified organization. Money orders are more reliable than checks as there are more procedures in place to monitor the processing of funds. 



How To Use Money Order

Make sure you report any mysterious activity on your account if you do end up noticing something after placing your initial bet. Money Orders are different from electronic cards as the amount will be withdrawn immediately after transactions.

Additionally, any suspicious activity should be reported right away in case of mix-ups.

Sometimes, when you are prompted to send out your information online, you will be asked to store your information on a certain site with cookies. Keep a note of this and make sure not to keep your information private. Being mindful of this will save you from potential headaches down the line.