Sportsbooks That Take EZ Voucher

Sportsbooks That Take EZ Voucher
  • Great Backup for Banking Issues
  • Redemption at Various Outlets
  • One of the Most Popular Options at Online Casinos

EZ Voucher Friendly Sportsbooks


Below you will find more information in regards to the different sportsbooks that use Discover Card brands and also what kinds of information you should be aware of when using your Discover Card.  [+]

Using your EZ Voucher account is a quick process when you are familiar with the layout of each gaming outlet. Make sure to brush up on the different nuances of each partner in the table below to find the best fit for you and your wager. The more knowledgeable you are about your next bet and betting outlet, the more you can rest easy knowing your payment went through. 

When using EZ Voucher make sure to always double-check your information that is put into the back-end to ensure it’s secure. When linking this to the partners table below, the more you are accustomed to betting with a particular site, the more likely you are to be free of errors when you place your wager.

Once you find the best fit, give the outlet a couple of tries to familiarize yourself. Additionally, it also might be useful to change up the different betting outlets if the wager that particular time is a better fit with a certain partner below. 

Anytime you decide on making a wager with EZ Voucher, the transaction should be akin to making a payment with a credit card at a shopping outlet. However, this is a prepaid option so you should have a better idea of your limit. Double-check your inputted information so there are no external errors and you can make the process as smooth as possible. 


No sportsbooks is available for those criterias.


EZ Voucher is a product also known as Paste Pay. It is a prepaid voucher system that can be purchased from a website. This system can be a very useful backup for individuals that don’t have access to their credit or debit cards, PayPal accounts or online e-wallet sites. EZ Voucher is designed to give individuals in the United States and throughout the world a workaround for any banking issues they might run into. [+]

When using a EZ Voucher account, make sure to first apply for one and follow the steps on the back end when you send out your information. EZ Voucher will allow you to deposit at online casinos and can be purchased by anyone. However, there are only a limited number of sites that accept EZ Voucher as a form of payment so always double-check to make sure it is accepted.

The EZ Voucher site will nonetheless allow users to purchase these prepaid vouchers to use at online casinos. Once your wager is complete, make sure to check your EZ Voucher account records once your transaction goes through to make sure that the back-end always matches up with what you have wagered. 

Similar to a gift card, keep a running total of how much you have left on your card so your wager doesn’t bounce back on you unexpectedly.



How To Use EZ Voucher

When making payments for your wagers through EZ Voucher, always make sure to double-check that the information is correct and that the page is secure. Security is of the utmost importance in gaming and we want to make sure that all your wagers are protected. The best way to do that is make sure you report any mysterious activity on your account if you do end up noticing something after placing your initial bet. If you are having trouble filling out the information for making a wager with your EZ Voucher, try to contact the service line or double-check to see if that particular casino accepts it. 

Additionally, any suspicious activity should be reported right away in case there are any mix-ups with your wagers. One thing to keep in mind when you are using your card online with an outlet is what kind of different tracking information it employs. Sometimes when you are prompted to send out your information online you will be asked to store your information on a certain site with cookies. Keep a note of this and make sure not to leave your information in the open. Being mindful of this will save you from potential headaches down the line.