Sportsbooks That Take Book to Book

Sportsbooks That Take Book to Book
  • One of The Most Direct Payment Options
  • Nearly Immediate Transfers
  • Immediate Cancellation

Book to Book Friendly Sportsbooks


Using a Book to Book transaction can be one of the most direct and easy deposit methods, especially when you are familiar with the layout of each gaming website. Below you will find the different sportsbooks that accept these book to book transfer methods.  [+]

The more you are accustomed to betting with a particular site, the more likely you are to be free of errors when you place your wager.



Akin to transfering money from one bank account to another, some sportsbooks allow you to send funds from one gaming outlet to a partner website or affiliate. During these transactions, the best rule of thumb is to see if the partner website authorizes the transaction so it doesn’t bounce back. This is common when you establish a lot of credit with a site, but you want to take advantage of other deals through partner sites.


How To Use Book to Book

Making a wager from one sportsbook to another can be a useful process, in case you find yourself in a jam or want to send out funds from one site to another.

First, as with any other outlet, you should make sure that the gaming website in question accepts Book to Book transfers. 

Many sportsbooks all over the globe use their own processors, but generally accept credit card deposits. There are, however, a few sportsbooks that might reject these payments methods.

Once your deposit goes through (and it is in the sportsbook’s best interest that it does so you don’t go elsewhere), you will have an amount banked with a certain sportsbook.

From there, you can decide to use another outlet (usually a partner sportsbook) that can take the transfer of money from your account. Similar to an eWallet, you can store your information with the gaming outlet and transfer money over as you wager.