Sportsbooks That Take Gold Pay

Sportsbooks That Take Gold Pay
  • Doesn't require banking information
  • Fast payment processing
  • Uses gold, a stable currency

Gold Pay Friendly Sportsbooks

There are no online sportsbooks that currently take GoldPay as a payment method. GoldPay doesn’t have very much international recognition at the moment, but there is still a chance that it might in the near future. Sports betting sites make an effort to include more options of payment methods over time, so it’s something to keep an eye out for. [+]

If GoldPay is a payment method that you would like to use, there is a wide array of other options open to you that work very similarly. Examples include BitCoin, Skrill, EcoCard, and Click2Pay, which are all online wallets and are widely used on sports betting sites. BitCoin would be the closest to GoldPay in that it also uses a currency of its own.

No sportsbooks is available for those criterias.

GoldPay isn’t a particularly prominent payment method, but it is a very interesting one. With this particular payment method, money that you deposit into your GoldPay account turns into units of real gold, which you can then use for wagering. [+]

It takes money that you deposit into your GoldPay account and directly converts it into GoldPay units. GoldPay units are credits based on actual gold, where one gram of gold equates to 10,000 Gold Pay units. Based on the actual price of gold, GoldPay units convert into the target currency (i.e. US dollar) when you deposit into your sportsbook account. Gold has a reputation for being a stable currency, which was the reason for GoldPay’s initial appeal to bettors.

GoldPay is basically another option of the online wallet, which means that it doesn’t take money direcly from your bank account when you make a sportsbook deposit. You don’t need to input personal banking information when you deposit into your sportsbooks, which for many people can be seemingly risky due to the possibility of hackers.

Despite its initial success in the sports betting industry, GoldPay is currently not supported by any online sportsbook. It is every bettor’s hope that may work again in the future.


How To Use Gold Pay

GoldPay currently doesn’t work with any known online sportsbook, but if it were to, its usage would be similar to other online wallets. You begin by creating an account on GoldPay. From there, you have a number of different options to fund your GoldPay account with, including credit card, debit card, wire transfer, and many others.

The currency that GoldPay uses is GoldPay units. 10,000 GoldPay units is the equivalent to one gram of real gold. This is what you’ll use when you deposit funds into your sportsbook account. Your deposit amount on the betting site will then convert into the target currency based on the actual price of gold. Gold is a stable currency, but its price does change from time to time.

Since Gold is an international currency, GoldPay in theory should work with payments in a number of different currencies around the world.