Sportsbooks That Take Discover Card

Sportsbooks That Take Discover Card
  • Trusted Source of Credit!
  • One of the Largest Brands in America!
  • Multiple Options for Payment and Disbursement!

Discover Card Friendly Sportsbooks

Make sure to brush up on the different nuances of each partner in the table below to find the best fit for you and your wager. The more knowledgeable you are about your next bet and betting outlet, the more you can rest easy knowing your payment went through. Below you will find the different sportsbooks that accept certain payment methods. 



Discover Card is a credit and debit card that is used across the world. Introduced in 1985, the Discover Card has become one of the most well-known credit card brands. It can be used for payments online in a variety of different capacities. Discover Card is the third-most issued brand in the United States and has a strong link to sports as the former sponsor of the Discover Orange Bowl. [+]

You must first apply for a Discover Card and then follow the steps when you send out your information. As one of the most recognized brands in the world, paying with a Discover Card is a very useful option since it is accepted by most major websites and outlets.

With a trusted brand like Discover, you can rest assured that your wager will be accepted securely. You should always check your Discover Card records once your transaction goes through to make sure the records match your wagers. 



How To Use Discover Card

With a brand like Discover, you can bet on having a trusted rapport with a casino since it is such a highly-known brand. Actually in 2004, the Discover brand won a lawsuit that allowed them to be offered in banks alongside the ranks of VISA and MasterCard.

An advantage to the Discover brand is that there is no annual fee. Many casinos also do not have a fee when you use your card. 

While there are definitely positives to using a Discover Card, there is some drawbacks as well. For example, there is a limited amount of casinos that accept these cards.

Therefore you should make sure that 1) the site accepts the Discover Card, which you can check above with the partners table and 2) the site itself is a reputable source.

Discover Cards also have higher interest rates and fees to offset having no fees.   

As is the case with any other payment options, make sure that your online account records match up with any wagers you make and to flag any suspicious behavior you see.