Sportsbooks That Take IKoruna

Sportsbooks That Take IKoruna
  • Facilitates Mastercard deposits
  • Low fees for transactions
  • Safe and secure banking option

iKoruna Friendly Sportsbooks

While iKoruna is not currently being accepted by any online sportsbooks, we have you coverd with our top-rated partners, a few of which are below. Which one tickles your sports-betting fancy? 

No sportsbooks is available for those criterias.

iKoruna isn't currently available in American markets, though it's considered "the European Payment System". Keep your eyes peeled to see if it makes a resurgence in the sports betting world. It was a single-wallet method that allowed people to transfer money easily. Functioning similar to PayPay, but with a dfferent back-end, iKourna grew quickly due to its efficient and easy platform.