Sportsbooks That Take Echeck

Sportsbooks That Take Echeck
  • No transaction fee
  • Easy to use
  • Safe & secure

Echeck Friendly Sportsbooks

You have some options if Echeck is the payment option for you but not too many. Echeck is still finding its place in the online sports wagering industry and is not as prevalent compared to other deposit methods. [+]

Still, as a payment method that caters mainly to the North American market, Echeck works with popular North-American based sites such as Bovada, BetOnline, and SportsBetting. Online sportsbooks are constantly working to enable more payment methods for its users, so always keep on the lookout. Even if your sportsbook of choice doesn’t currently support Echeck, there’s still a chance that it might in the future.


Checks have been around for many centuries and you’ve probably used them on many occassions before. Still, they have by no means gone obsolete today. In fact, in today’s digitized world, it is no surprise that there are even electronic checks available. [+]

Electronic checks (also known as Echecks) are a quick and efficient way to replenish your sportsbook account when it starts to run low on money. Echeck is basically an electronic version of the paper check. This form of payment directly transfers money from your bank’s checking account into your sportsbook account. If writing a check is simple and straightforward enough of a process, then the same applies for the Echeck. All that a sportsbook requires when you make an Echeck payment is your account and routing numbers.

Using Echeck also has the advantages of being secure and cost-effective. This form of payment usually doesn’t come with the additional charges that every sportsbook user tends to dislike. There is also relatively little risk when it comes to security issues like fraud.

Haven’t had a chance to make an Echeck payment yet? Try it on your upcoming sportsbook deposit before you enjoy the next round of fun-filled action!

How To Use Echeck

Echeck is basically like any payment that you make using paper checks, the only difference being that it is electronic. The first step to any Echeck deposit is to have a checking account, which you probably already have when opened your bank account. Once you have a checking account, you are ready to make your deposit.

At the cashier page, the sportsbook will ask for your routing and account numbers, which you can find by opening your checkbook to any check. The routing number is nine digits long and located on the left side of the account.

It is also helpful to have your Social Insurance Number at the ready. The processing time for Echeck payments will vary depending on the sportsbook you use. In general, it takes around 24 hours to 10 business days for a deposit to process as betting sites need to clear the information before you can actually use the funds.

Most sites have restrictions on minimum and maximum amounts deposit amounts. You will need to check the sportsbook to know the specific restrictions.