Sportsbooks That Take Ecocard

Sportsbooks That Take Ecocard
  • Works with multiple currencies
  • Highly secure
  • Compatible with MasterCard

Ecocard Ecocard Friendly Sportsbooks

EcoCard works in multiple different countries and currencies, so there is no surprise that it is one of the most popular and widely accepted methods of payment in the sports wagering industry. [+]

Even sites with relatively few deposit options usually take EcoCard. That said, you can expect to find the EcoCard option on the cashier sections of major sportsbooks like Bovada, Online Betting, or BetDSI.

Since 2009 EcoCard has been in partnership with Mastercard so even if your sportsbook of choice doesn’t support EcoCard, you might still have the option of using EcoCard as if it were a MasterCard. MasterCard is also very widely accepted by sports wagering sites, so with an EcoCard, you have a wide window of options.


No sportsbooks is available for those criterias.

Since 2000 EcoCard has been providing payment services to customers all around the world. This payment method works in more than 150 different countries and 45 currencies, which makes it no stranger to the world of online sports betting. [+]

EcoCard – like other payment methods such as Bitcoin, Paypal, or Skrill – works as an online wallet. It is a place for you to store your money outside your bank account. This means that the money you deposit into your sportsbook doesn’t come directly from your bank account so there is no need to input any personal banking information. The encryption system for EcoCard is also incredibly safe and reliable.

With EcoCard, you have one of the widest selections of sportsbooks to choose from to pursue your wagering interests. Practically every betting site that comes to your mind accepts EcoCard payments. EcoCard is now a part of Mastercard, which offers another option for EcoCard users. No matter which site you end up choosing, making a deposit with EcoCard is fast, simple, and efficient.

Haven’t had a chance to use your EcoCard yet? Try it on your sportsbook deposit and you can expect to have a blast doing it!

How To Use Ecocard

If you don’t already have an EcoCard account, you’ll need to set one up before you’re able to deposit funds. Setting up an Ecocard account is a quick, easy, and free process, very much like an Ebay or Netflix account.

Making a deposit and collecting your payouts with EcoCard is also simple and requires a mere few clicks to complete the transaction.

On the cashier page, simply select EcoCard as the banking method and follow the prompts on the screen. You can select the Mastercard option for sportsbooks that don’t take Ecocard. Ecocards have the same features of Mastercards – including a 16-digit card number, expiry date, and CVC2 – and can be used in a Mastercard’s place. 

Today’s sports bettors enjoy having betting action at their fingertips from any place in the world and EcoCard very easily enables that. Whether you are taking a lunch break or waiting to catch the next bus, you can deposit money from your EcoCard into your sportsbook account using the EcoAccount mobile app. The EcoAccount app is downloadable on all iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

EcoCard payments do usually come with some transaction fees, but it’s not anything unheard of as many other payment methods contain it as well!