Sportsbooks That Take Insta Debit

Sportsbooks That Take Insta Debit
  • Fast and simple
  • Few chances of rejection
  • Minimal transaction fees

Insta Debit Sportsbooks

Any betting site that is friendly to Canadian users will be friendly to InstaDebit payments. Sportsbooks based in Canada such, like Sports Interaction, will definitely take InstaDebit. Outside of the Canadian market, other recommended choices of sportsbooks that accept InstaDebit include BetDSI, Bet365 and William Hill. [+]

Most payment methods come with transaction fees, so you would want to first have a look at the amount the sportsbook charges as part of your consideration. 


No sportsbooks is available for those criterias.

If you have a bank account, then you’ll most likely have a debit card. It’s very likely that you are familiar with debit payment or have used it before. Then how about InstaDebit? Never heard of it before? Now you have. [+]

With InstaDebit, the whole process of debit payment just got even easier. InstaDebit is based in Canada and has been in existence since 2004. The name of the payment method is quite literally what you think it is – instant debit. Debit card allows you to make any payment directly from your bank account. InstaDebit is basically the online version of the debit card.

There is little chance of your payment being rejected, one of the biggest advantages of using InstaDebit. For Canadian bettors, Visa and MasterCard payments often don’t go through on sportsbooks because many banks in Canada have regulations against credit card use for online wagering, which can be understandably frustrating for many bettors. For these reasons, InstaDebit is the typical go-to deposit method for most Canadian bettors.

Using InstaDebit also comes with very minimal transaction fees. The only incurred charges with InstaDebit is the $2 verification charge, occuring after you select a bank account to fund InstaDebit.

InstaDebit works on almost any wagering site that serves Canadian bettors. The only limitation with this payment method is that it currently only works in Canadian dollars, but the many advantages that it offers might give it more international recognition in the near future.


How To Use Insta Debit

InstaDebit is very simple and straightforward, which is exactly what any sports bettor desire. Setting up your InstaDebit account will require you to first select a financial institution for funding. Your chosen bank needs to be a Canadian one such as RBC, ScotiaBank, or BMO. Once you complete this step, InstaDebit will verify your bank account by withdrawing $2 from your bank account and depositing it into your InstaDebit.

At the checkout page of your sportsbook, you just need to select InstaDebit as your method of payment and follow the prompts on the screen. InstaDebit does have restrictions on the amount that you can deposit at the beginning, which usually numbers at around $350. However, this amount will increase as you become a more regular customer. Other than the $2 that you paid during the verification process of your InstaDebit account, there are no additional fees that come with InstaDebit payments.

InstaDebit also gives you the option to withdraw winnings from your sportsbook. To do this, you just need to request a withdrawal and the funds will transfer directly from the sportsbook and into the bank account that you use to fund your InstaDebit. In other words, InstaDebit allows you to bypass the middle man that typically comes with many other payment methods.