Sportsbooks That Take MyCitadel

Sportsbooks That Take MyCitadel
  • Instant Transfers
  • Convenient Payment Processing
  • Secure and Reduces Risks or Fees

MyCitadel Friendly Sportsbooks


Make sure to brush up on the nuances of each partner in the table below to find the best fit for you and your wager. Below you will find the different sportsbooks that accept the My Citadel payment methods.  [+]

When linking this to the partners table below, the more you are accustomed to betting with a particular site, the more likely you are to be free of errors when you place your wager.



No sportsbooks is available for those criterias.


The myCitadel E-Commerce payment system is available to customers in the United States, Canada and also residents in the United Kingdom. Popular gaming outlets such as, William Hill, Golden Palace, among others all allow for myCitadel Wallet to be used to fund player gaming accounts. Your myCitadel Wallet account is part of the global company, Citadel Commerce, which provides customers with payment processing fees.  [+]

Akin to a PayPal account, you must first sign up for a myCitadel Wallet through the site and follow the steps. As one of the more mobile-friendly brands in the UK, paying with a myCitadel account is secured through an E-Wallet account via the myCitadel website.

You can pay with your account online or through a mobile payment service. English. German, Spanish, French and Turkish languages are available at customer services. There are also encryption networks that help secure your account.

You should always make sure that you check your myCitadel Wallet records once your transaction is approved.



How To Use MyCitadel

When making payments for your wagers through your myCitadel Express Pay Wallet, become as familiar as you can with the payment process. myCitadel is a very easy-to-use and secure system that allows you to safely and conveniently transfer funds to and from their favorite merchant websites, so you can rest assured that this system is preferred by some gaming outlets. 

Setting up a myCitadel account is free and the security used to guard your account is ecrypted with the same technology that banks use. Additionally, if you want to deposit funds to your myCitadel account you can link your e-wallet to a bank account or credit card.

After the transfer is secured, you can pay a merchant like you would with any other credit or debit card, but you have to select the myCitadel option on the payment page. Make sure to check the partners table above so you can see which gaming outlets accept this as a payment option. 

Akin to PayPal, withdrawing funds from your myCitadel account is a quick process as it will link to your bank account to allow immediate processing. Nonetheless, like with any other payment process, you should always report any suspicious activity, should it come up. With multi-lingual support, myCitadel account representatives can answer a variety of questions or concerns should they arise.